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Higher productivity in adhesives processing

Published on 2003-09-16. Author : SpecialChem


Bayer Polymers, a division of Bayer AG, will showcase two new polyester-based raw materials called Desmophen® XP 2527 and Desmophen® XP 2462 and one new polyurethane additive called Desmomelt® XP 2531 at Feica 2003 in Lisbon, Portugal. These materials allow the use of polyurethane hot melts in applications in which short cycle times and high initial strength are specified.

Polyurethane hot melts have for years been among the fastest growing segments in the widely diversified range of polyurethane-based adhesives since they are formulated without solvent and combine the positive properties of standard hot melts with the advantages of thermosetting adhesives. At typical processing temperatures, the adhesives have very good wetting properties and the subsequent reaction with atmospheric moisture produces high-strength bonds with excellent long-term service properties.

The new materials include the fast crystallizing polymer, Desmophen® XP 2527, which was developed with the aim of achieving a significant increase in productivity. Its high rate of crystallization above 50 °C allows the formulation of adhesives with particularly short cycle times. In addition the new amorphous polyester, Desmophen® XP 2462, is noted for its constant rise in viscosity throughout the entire application process - attributable to its glass transition temperature of 30 °C. This enables a genuine fine-tuning of the entire bonding process, with the possibility to adapt the initial strength, open time and rheological characteristics to the specific requirements over a relatively broad range.

Both products are important additions to Bayer Polymers' comprehensive line of MDI monomer products and polyether and polyester resins, which cover a broad range of applications.

Another useful product is Desmomelt® XP 2531, a polyurethane additive for improving initial strength on substrates containing a plasticizer. It is a low molecular weight, crystallizing polyester polyurethane which can easily be dissolved in the polyol formulation before the prepolymerization stage.

Source: Bayer Polymers

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