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Huntsman Advanced Materials Helps NEWTIS Innovation Define the Future of Eco-designed Surfboards

Published on 2013-08-05. Author : SpecialChem

An Araldite® adhesive from Huntsman Advanced Materials has been used by French surfboard maker NEWTIS Innovation in the manufacture of the 'JAB'; the first hand-finished polyurethane surfboard to feature a polycarbonate skin. NEWTIS Innovation specializes in innovative surfboard designs, using the latest materials and developing new processing methods that replace traditional layering and sanding techniques.

NEWTIS Innovation used Araldite®
NEWTIS Innovation used Araldite®

On this project, NEWTIS manufactured an eco-friendly polycarbonate UV board, deploying processes, methods and materials that reduce the impact on the environment. This involved the in-house development of a bespoke machine to mechanise and automate the process as well as hand finishing methods supporting the reduction of waste material and a recycling programme.

Selected primarily for its excellent adhesion to polycarbonate, NEWTIS Innovation used Araldite® to seal the polycarbonate skin in place. In collaboration with specialists from Huntsman Advanced Materials, NEWTIS Innovation selected a unique adhesive from the Araldite® range, balancing the essential characteristics of toughness and flexibility. This low viscosity, fast, cold curing system provides easy processing, supporting low-cost efficient manufacturing and repairs.

Its physical properties also help the board to maintain its shape whilst providing excellent transparency and UV stability for long-term clarity. Polycarbonate offers many advantages for surfboard manufacturing. Benefits for staff and the environment are gained through a cleaner and healthier production process, which does not emit toxic chemicals or produce dust when sanded. The biggest advantages for users are found in the resistance to impact and shock. Other beneficial properties include fracture toughness, heat resistance, and excellent dimensional and colour stability - features which Araldite® supports in application. Hand finishing the board helps to reduce the wastage of excess material, which is then broken down in the delivery of a 100% recyclable process.

JAB surfboards
JAB surfboards

Designer Pierre Cazadieu comments: "In pushing the boundaries of board designs forward, there can be no compromise in the quality of the manufacturing and the materials used. With its excellent adhesion, UV stable, flexible, clear and fast curing features, the Araldite® adhesive chosen for our application represents an important dimension for JAB surfboards in fulfilling essential design and performance criterion. Not only is it a key enabler for the production of high definition graphic design variants which can stand the test of time when exposed to the elements, it adds to the board's proficiency on the water in helping to maintain its toughness, flexibility and softness under foot. Araldite® has also allowed us to meet the objective of finishing the board by hand. This has resulted in significantly lowering the costs involved whilst ensuring the quality of the design and an environmentally friendly proposition."

The polycarbonate JAB surfboard represents a technological first in the manufacture of eco-designed surfboards. More recently, the JAB received two first prizes in the Technological and Ecological categories of the EuroSIMA Industry & Innosport Awards, confirming its leading-edge status.

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Source: Huntsman Advanced Materials

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