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Improvements to Thermal Resistant, Rubber Toughened Loctite® Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives Result in Faster Cure Times

Published on 2010-04-20. Author : SpecialChem

Henkel Corporation has reformulated three Loctite® Cyanoacrylates to offer improved performance and stability for bonding to a wide variety of substrates. The reformulated versions of Loctite® 4203™, 4204™ and 4205™ Prism® Instant Adhesives withstand temperatures up to 250°F, fixture and cure more rapidly, and offer excellent impact and peel resistance.

Loctite® 4203™ Prism® Instant Adhesive is a low-viscosity, clear cyanoacrylate formulation designed to bond close-fitting parts. Loctite® 4204™ Prism® Instant Adhesive is a medium-viscosity clear cyanoacrylate formulation for general purpose bonding. Loctite® 4205™ Prism® Instant Adhesives is a clear, sag-resistant gel cyanoacrylate formulation suitable for vertical or overhead applications and for use on porous surfaces.

These thermal resistant, rubber toughened, surface insensitive cyanoacrylate cure rapidly on a wide variety of substrates including plastics, metals, rubber, fiberglass, neoprene and more. They can be used in the assembly of electric motors, kitchenware, marine components, military devices, microelectronics and other industrial assembly applications. They are also suitable for gasket bonding.

Henkel has been committed to making people's lives easier, better and more beautiful for more than 130 years. A Fortune Global 500 company, Henkel offers strong brands and technologies in three areas of competence: Home Care, Personal Care and Adhesive Technologies. Each day, about 50,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to fulfilling Henkel's claim "A Brand like a Friend". In fiscal 2009, Henkel generated sales of 13,573 million euros and adjusted operating profit of 1,364 million euros.

Source: Henkel

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