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Infocast at its 6th Annual Summit to Focus on Next Generation Bio-based and Sustainable Chemicals

Published on 2015-01-16. Author : SpecialChem

The 6th Annual Next Generation Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit (FEBRUARY 03-05, 2015) debuts in New Orleans, LA, and will provide attendees with unparalleled networking opportunities and access to the InformEx trade show and attendees. The two events will come together for networking breaks, luncheons, and a reception in order to accelerate interactions between Bio-Based, Specialty, Sustainable and Custom Chemical industry executives with Brand Owners, Chemical Majors, Feedstock Providers, Financiers, Venture Capitalists, OEMs and Retailers from around the world.

North America is leading the global bio-based & sustainable chemicals industry. Consumer demands for greener products are driving retailers, brand owners, and government policy makers to replace petrochemicals and chemicals of concern with safer, bio alternatives. New sources of funding from USDA and ARPA-E are enabling more innovation and scale-up to demonstrations and commercialization stages. Bio-based chemicals are receiving an unexpected boost from the shale gas boom, opening the door for drop-in bio-based C3-C5 chemicals. Further, Bio-based chemicals are also not at the mercy of volatile natural gas and oil prices, offering the potential for more stable or even lower prices than their petrochemical alternatives.

However, the industry still faces “growing pains” in moving some market segments from the technology vetting stage to full-scale commercialization. Some companies have erred in trying to commercialize too quickly, providing valuable lessons to be learned. The next generation of bio-based companies must learn what is needed to compete, understand its role in the larger sustainability picture and address the challenges associated with moving beyond niche markets. With a number of joint ventures in the space recently between technology companies and chemicals majors, partnering strategies are the key to commercialization.

Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit, now in its SIXTH year, joins in 2015 with InformEx New Orleans, providing even greater impetus, recognition and opportunities for all participants. As the sustainability agenda penetrates more and more consumer facing giants, and as joint ventures and later stage venture capitalists financing kicks in, this event is poised to be the global launch platform for the chemicals and materials of the future.

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