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RayoForm™ ICU, a BOPP Film for Cut and Stack Labels by Innovia Films

Published on 2017-04-10. Author : SpecialChem

Innovia Films continues its focus on providing Brand Managers the features they require to make their products succeed in demanding market environments with the launch of RayoForm™ ICU.

Innovia Films

This new crystal clear In-Mold Label film is produced using its unique bubble process. The exceptional clarity of RayoForm™ ICU is unprecedented in the industry, making it the clear leader to showcase Brands and their products.

RayoForm™ ICU

  • High gloss and transparency to allow the product to be seen 
  • High sheet feeding speed for sheet fed processes
  • Anti-static
  • Recyclable with polyolefin materials 
  • Balanced biaxial orientation 
  • Resistant to moisture, oils, grease, mild acids and bases


RayoForm ICU is a clear, biaxially oriented film for IML and other cut and stack labeling. Its superior optical properties make it ideally suited to injection in molding labeling. The special polyolefin “adhesive” layer makes RayoForm ICU ideally suited for injection in mold labeling of polypropylene containers. Here its balanced orientation enables excellent die cutting of complex shapes and reduced container distortion after molding.

Richard Southward, Global Product Manager, Labels explains:
“There is a continued trend towards clear containers. Brand Managers favor them because they allow consumers to see the nature, quality and color of their products before purchase. Clear containers also allow brands to enhance their on-pack branding and offer greater shelf impact. RayoForm™ ICU is currently available in thickness of 58 micron/230 gauges. We are already seeing a lot of interest in this new product and are happy to provide trial reels to prove its excellent performance.”

RayoForm™ ICU has been specifically developed to maximize brand impact by the use of clear containers. It also maximizes printing and molding performance and efficiencies. Print trials have shown ICU can readily exceed industry standards for sheets per hour. The films’ balanced mechanical properties offer potential SKU reduction as sheets can be sheet-fed in multiple directions. For the molder, RayoForm™ ICU offers increased productivity through faster label handling, enhanced container shape retention and more efficient stacking.

About Innovia

Innovia, headquartered in Wigton in the U.K., is a leading global producer of specialty, high performance, multi-layer, surface engineered BOPP films for label, packaging and security applications. The business has film extrusion, coating and metallizing facilities across the U.K., Belgium and Australia as well as high security, specialized polymer banknote operations in the U.K., Australia and Mexico with 1200 employees and sales offices in 16 countries around the world. For 2017, Innovia is expected to generate net revenue of approximately $570 million and estimated EBITDA of $155 million.

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Source: Innovia Films
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