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Intertronics Identifies UV- curable Temporary Masking Resins to Simplify Component Masking Processes

Published on 2011-06-08. Author : SpecialChem

Adhesives market leader Intertronics has found solvent-free, UV curable temporary masking resins to significantly simplify component masking processes while greatly reducing costs. This is experienced in lower scrappage rates, reduced labour rates and enhanced process speed. It has proven possible to reduce costs in the case of aircraft components by some 40% with 60% to 70% time saving.

In addition to aircraft components like turbine blades the DYMAX SpeedMask range of UV curable resin maskants from Intertronics is highly suitable for processes such as acid stripping, laser ablating and surface plating on medical implants including replacement hip and knee components and for other high precision items which have accumulated a large input value prior to finishing.

UV curable aerobic acrylics take seconds to cure instead of hours so curing bottlenecks are eliminated, resulting in significant productivity gains. They are worker and environmentally friendly and do not contain solvents, eliminating special handling requirements and costly ventilation systems. Minimal capital investment is required, so investment in an average UV curing system is typically recovered in the first year of operation, or sooner. UV systems are easily integrated into automated production with many options for adhesive dispensing including bead placement, dip, spray, pad print or screen print.

This compares with traditional masking methods including tapes, waxes, boots & caps, and lacquers, all of which have significant downsides whether in terms of speed/accuracy of application or of ventilation etc.

Application of DYMAX Speed Mask UV maskants is straightforward and curing achieved with a suitable UV lamp. Removal is equally simply achieved by burn-off, peel or water soluble action dependant upon the demands of the surface process involved.

About Intertronics

Intertronics was established in 1979, originally to sell hand soldering consumables - not just as a distributor but as a proactive and reliable supplier.

Source: Intertronics

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