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IRphotonics Lab Expands by Acquiring Thermal Imaging for Spot Curing of Thermal Epoxies

Published on 2011-10-07. Author : SpecialChem

Hamden, Connecticut -- IRphotonics, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of Infrared-based materials and systems is pleased to announce the acquisition of a high resolution FLIR thermal imaging camera to expand the capabilities of its application engineering lab.

The acquisition of a thermal imaging camera will help IRphotonics' Application Engineering Lab engineers analyze the distribution of heat in the parts that are exposed to the iCure to optimize energy, wavelength and irradiance to meet particular process needs or improve clients' manufacturing productivity.

"This added capability will play an important role in the development of customized curing profiles for our clients as it shows exactly how heat is distributed in the part, which in turn leads to better control and optimization of the curing process", commented Ruben Burga, VP Sales for IRphotonics.

iCure AS200 Spot Curing System

The iCure AS200 is an award-winning inline fiber optic system that provides heat by Infrared radiation in a portable unit, delivering pinpoint and accurate control for temperature sensitive substrates and complex devices. Using infrared light to generate heat, the iCure thermal spot curing system combines the advantages of thermal curing with the practicality of spot curing.

Applications include:

  • Spot curing of thermal epoxies
  • Bonding and fixing of plastic and glass components
  • Fixing of lenses
  • Temporary fixing of miniature components
  • Precision assembly and bonding of semiconductor components
  • Focused energy for micro soldering
  • Localized heat welding of thermoplastics

About IRphotonics

IRphotonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of technologically sophisticated infrared fibers and systems that are used for the transmission of infrared light, and for assembly operations requiring high intensity infrared heat. The company leverages its unique and in depth expertise of infrared light and materials to offer innovative products ranging from specialty optical fibers and light guides to its revolutionary award winning thermal spot curing system. IRphotonics' iCure thermal spot curing system won the international Prism Award for Photonic Innovation at Photonics West 2010.

Source: IRphotonics

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