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Irplast Exhibited BOPP Films, Adhesive Tapes & Labels at IPACK-IMA 2018

Published on 2018-06-11. Author : SpecialChem

Irplast showcased its full range of products: from BOPP films and roll-fed labels through printed adhesive tapes and multipack solutions. Recent significant investments have been made in R&D Department to strengthen cutting-edge technological know-how, as well as productivity increase, technology investments and its vertically integrated business model.

High Tech Solutions and Higher Production Capacity

Label Tech division product range by Irplast

Cutting-edge technological know-how and higher productivity are the topics at which Irplast aims for growth in the coming years. The Company showcased its whole range of BOPP films, printed adhesive tapes and roll-fed labels. The versatility of this Fair edition represents for Irplast – a vertically integrated company from film extrusion to printing processes – the best opportunity to propose its entire range of solutions to its stakeholders.

The Company’s development plan, with the increase of production capacity, the new tailor-made eco-friendly BOPP products, the new energy cogeneration systems and the improved recycling processes of raw materials at the extrusion level, have assured Irplast a “green” and “high-tech” positioning at both national and international levels. Latest significant investments in new rotogravure and flexo printing machines, allow the Company to serve major multinationals offering a non-stop reliable production system.

Irplast’ Products Range at IPACK-IMA

Label Tech Division

Label Tape Shrink: BOPP/MD heat shrinkable roll fed labels (pre-glued or standard) as ideal solution for contoured containers, for the beverage and dairy sectors. The solution is eligible for customizing shaped containers in tinplate or aluminum, as for Friesland Campina’ condensate milk and it is also an eco-friendly alternative to using PET-G Shrink Sleeves.

Multipack “Take Away”: a BOPP band for multipack packages, suitable for all types of containers. Its function is to increase exposure of the brand and to bundle up to 6 units at a time. It is a valuable solution to group and sell together more product units, while maintaining brand integrity.

Print Tape Division

Food contact
Print Tech division product range by Irplast

BOPP TAMPER EVIDENT (carton sealing): a BOPP anti-tampering adhesive tape available in different colours. BOPP TAMPER EVIDENT is printable and customizable and it is used as anti-counterfeiting system for e-commerce and air shipments, responding to recent airfreight regulations. The bi-oriented polypropylene support film is produced in Italy by Irplast, a further guarantee of continuity in the supply and of the constant technical specifications.

Food Contact Tape: a polypropylene adhesive tape working also as a label, suitable for contact with all kinds of food. It also conveys brand image right to the moment of food consumption thus becoming an effective branding tool and it enables grouping together more products. Printed and customizable by Irplast itself in a BRC certified plant, it is made of bi-oriented polypropylene film.

It meets the new regulations on the limits of migration of substances from packaging to food, without altering it or leaving residues after removal. It can also be applied by automatic machines, thus reducing time-to-market. Food Contact Tape is addressed to large-scale retail trade and food producers who want to make effective branding policies without neglecting costs.

BOPP Films Division

NENV: the first S-BOPP film for window envelopes developed with a production process that cannot be replicated with any other technologies, employing a unique extrusion line (LISIM-Brückner), customized by Irplast, that guarantees reduced film thickness, lower costs and application performance equal to those of polystyrene. It has been certified by USA and European postal authorities.

Born from the vast experience of Irplast in the development of special simultaneously bi-oriented polypropylene films, NENV reduces the thickness of the plastic material used, adding to the benefits of the specific weight of BOPP film. The high level of adhesion to any paper substrate with various kinds of glue has confirmed the excellent processing of the film. More advantageous than PS, for the cost of raw materials used, according to the latest ICIS data, it is available in both glossy and matt options.

Source: Irplast
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