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ISP Launches Versatile Flexidone™ FE Plasticizer

Published on 2010-11-02. Author : SpecialChem

Düsseldorf, Germany -- ISP has announced the launch of Flexidone™ FE, a new series of PVC plasticizers containing alkyl pyrrolidone technology. The novel products are more versatile than legacy plasticizers, serving both as primary plasticizer or co- plasticizer that may be formulated in conjunction with other plasticizer technologies to achieve greater cost savings, while maintaining or improving performance. The extraordinary processing flexibility made possible by Flexidone FE allows manufacturers to use low-temperature methods to gain additional energy savings. Flexidone FE is complemented by ISP's original series of Flexidone plasticizers launched in 2009 to support improved solvency in PVC applications.

Available in four standard grades, Flexidone FE can be customized by varying the content of the components. Featuring fast gelling, the standard grades offer various tensile strength and elongation at break, transparency and cold flexibility. As an alternative to phthalate technology and other non-phthalate products, Flexidone FE yields a stable, low-viscosity plastisol with excellent shelf life and desirable fast-fusing properties. This feature accommodates various production methods such as extrusion, calendaring and injection molding.

"Flexidone FE represents not only superior versatility over other plasticizer technology, but also excellent value. By customizing the content of fatty esters, we can tailor performance and cost to meet specific needs," said Dr. Robert Gibbison, Senior Director of Global Marketing for ISP Performance Chemicals. "This novel out-of-the-box approach opens up a virtually limitless set of options for tailoring PVC products."

As a high-efficiency plasticizer, Flexidone has as much as a 30% advantage over other commonly used plasticizers. The FE series provides low-viscosity plastisols with good gelling properties over time. Lab data confirmed that Flexidone™ 333FE and 533FE grades exhibited the best viscosity stability after 28 days, enlarging the processing window for many product manufacturers. Flexidone FE, which exhibits rubber-like behavior with elongation-at-break of more than 450%, is also synergistic in cold flexibility.

Enabling Innovation

The technology is one of several innovations ISP is showcasing at K 2010. While Flexidone FE enables manufacturers to customize their plasticizer systems, ISP's Fungitrol® and PlastiGuard® family of biocides helps protect and preserve, while its high-quality elastomer products aid product performance. These and other plastics additives demonstrate the company's total commitment to advancing performance while solving today's formulation challenges.

"The introduction of Flexidone FE at this year's event demonstrates ISP's commitment to addressing a wide spectrum of the plastics industry's needs. We are excited to continually bring out new solutions that help manufacturers fill their innovation pipelines," Gibbison added.

About ISP

International Specialty Products Inc. (ISP) is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and performance enhancing products for a wide variety of personal care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and industrial applications. ISP produces more than 500 specialty chemicals, which it markets and sells worldwide. The company's headquarters is located in Wayne, New Jersey, USA.

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