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ITW Dynatec at LabelExpo: to Show Innovative Solutions for Application onto Tapes & Labels

Published on 2015-09-14. Author : SpecialChem

Mettmann, Germany -- ITW Dynatec, a global leader in adhesive application solutions for the label and tape industry, is going to show the most comprehensive line-up for cost-efficient, innovative solutions for precise application onto tapes and labels, presented at Europe’s most important show for this segment – LabelExpo, Brussels, Booth 5C21.

ITW Dynatec at LabelExpo’15
Fig. 1: ITW Dynatec at LabelExpo’15

Designed to the highest industry standards for quality and performance, ITW Dynatec’s hot melt systems are simple to operate and highly customizable to meet a broad range of label and tape requirements.

Show attendees will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of ITW Dynatec hot melt technology in action. Company representatives will be operating a coating system with the new TwinCoat™ Application Technology - the only applicator in the world that offers the possibility to create an adhesive film with two different surfaces. In addition, several other exhibitors at LabelExpo will be running equipment that uses ITW Dynatec hot melt application technologies.

“We understand the unique needs of label and tape producers and the importance of providing them tailored solutions to address their specific requirements. Our main objectives are to help our customers design new marketable products and produce them in a high quality, flexible and nevertheless cost efficient way”, says Stephan Schultheis (Sales Director EMEA).

Exact Coat™ – Sneak Preview

The new line of precision slot dies includes flex lip and rotary rod versions as well as positioners and a complete coating station. The new system will provide state-of-the-art solution with thinner and faster techniques as well as Adhesive Delivery System.

ITW Dynatec’s Precision Hot Melt Slot Die system has guaranteed application performance resulting in faster production speeds and reduction of adhesive usage. This highly-accurate and reliable system prevents streaking, permits ultra-thin coatings and maintains industry leading coat weight and cross web accuracy. In addition, it provides real time monitoring of both pressure and temperature at the die.

TwinCoat™ – Innovation Award Nominee

The new patent-pending TwinCoat is a non-contact, metered slot die applicator that
has the ability to split the required amount of adhesive into two layers, with different characteristics, and to apply them simultaneously on a substrate. This innovation allows two layers to be combined in one, using just one applicator and with only one production step, creating adhesive films with a unique dual characteristic. The results are high transparent and streak-free.

Cross-web accuracies to ±5% can be achieved with a minimum application coat weight of 1gsm at high web speeds. Heat sensitive materials such as thin PP and PE film do not come into contact with the die lip, eliminating damage to the film.

The ability to create an adhesive film with two different surfaces means an unmatched flexibility to tailor it to a wide variety of purposes. The result is exactly what the industry needs to gain a unique competitive advantage:

 Significantly reduced production costs
(Expensive adhesive can be replaced partly with low cost adhesive)
 Improved product quality
 (Possibility to use optimized adhesive types for each side when laminating two different substrates)
 A clear differentiation by the ability to create a diversified and innovative product portfolio (i.e. embedding new functions in the adhesive layer)
 Compliance with environmental specifications (mono-material bonding)
 Fast changeover process in case of adhesive changing, which means a significant reduction of downtime and thus increased productivity

APEX™ High Speed Slot Die Adhesive Applicator

The APEX™ Applicator is a highly precise air-operated adhesive applicator. Its flexible design allows for use in intermittent applications on a variety of substrates. Ideal for precise high speed intermittent adhesive patterns. Optional non-heated die width extension(s) for easier substrate handling. Air-operated modules feature spring-assist close for precise cutoff. Die lip design prevents buildup of unwanted materials.

EQUITY™ Continuous Slot Die Applicator
The EQUITY™ Continuous Slot Die is a reliable, economic applicator with many money-saving features, making it the best value available in it’s class. Along with durability comes the accuracy of ±10% cross web adhesive distribution. Its patented easy-cut shim system is designed to save money with the ability to cut to size without special tools. Modular sections permit width expansion in 50 mm increments. Flexible adhesive pattern for full coating, strip or multi-line. Quick-change slot nozzle provides easy replacement. Reversible filter block with multi-port entry.

DynaControl V6 - Modular Control Platform

It’s proprietary design offers customers an affordable solution for advanced PLC-like controls that are both flexible and reliable. With a variety of communication interfaces and advanced functionality for improved production efficiency.

The Dynacontrol V6 control platform was designed with flexibility and value to the customer in mind. It’s modular design allows users to define it’s functionality based on the components used and software configuration settings. This allows for the use of the same spare parts in all Dynatec adhesive supply units, simplified operator training and ease of maintenance.

The V6 platform also offers customizable operation functionality and is easily upgradable for future enhancements. For example, customer’s have the capability to control ASUs through a central HMI, operate “headless” units with no HMI and/or access units remotely for seamless integration.

About ITW Dynatec

ITW Dynatec, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW) designs and manufactures a full range of industrial adhesive applications for the disposable hygiene products, coating and laminating and packaging industries worldwide. ITW Dynatec’s fluid dispensing systems are used globally in the manufacturing of a wide range of customer and industrial products. A worldwide network of industry-leading customer service and support backs the company’s state-of-the-art technology. ITW Dynatec operates five world-class production facilities strategically located around the globe.

Source: ITW Dynatec

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