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ITW Red Head at World of Concrete: Presents Epson S7, a Hybrid Epoxy for Concrete Applications

Published on 2014-01-22. Author : SpecialChem

Glendale Heights, IL -- Architects and engineers looking for concrete adhesive products and other solutions that simplify calculations, design and installation won't have to venture far at this year's World of Concrete show (January 20-24). ITW Red Head®/ ITW Buildex® is demonstrating the versatility of its line-up by introducing two new products that deliver outstanding strength and performance, in addition to featuring concrete anchoring solutions and a free anchor calculation software program. World of Concrete is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Headlining the new products is Sammys® for seismic and cracked concrete, and the new and improved Epcon C6+ which boasts more than a 35% improvement in cracked concrete bond strength as compared to the next highest-rated brand. Sammy's is the industry's first and only cracked concrete and seismic-approved threaded rod screw anchor with Swivel™, Sidewinder™ and Vertical™ head options.

Those products are being demonstrated in the booth in addition to Epcon S7, a fast cure hybrid epoxy for concrete applications that performs well in cold temperatures below 40°(F). ITW Red Head is also putting the spotlight on its free Truspec™ anchor calculation software and Trubolt+® overhead seismic wedge anchors for concrete anchoring.

"With the introduction of these novel products at World of Concrete, we have created a one-stop scenario for architects and engineers. They need performance reliable products they can have confidence in specifying and know will work in any type of environment," said J Schneider, Marketing Director for ITW Commercial Construction North America.

"The trio of head options available with Sammys not only provides unprecedented versatility, but the two-step process enables installation in about half the time compared to a three-step drop-in wedge or multi-piece hardware methods. Epcon C6+ is a pure epoxy that operates in all weather conditions without losing strength, and Epcon S7 is the only fast cure adhesive designed to cure concrete underwater and works in temperatures below 40°(F). Truspec anchor software helps architects and engineers design concrete anchoring connections in just a few minutes. The end result is these products get the job done quickly and efficiently and will save time in the specification process."

Sammys, Epcon C6+ and Epcon S7: unique products that save time and provide multiple benefits

The new Sammys for seismic and cracked concrete offers an exceptional anchor trio that eliminates rod-bending and other time-consuming steps. This versatile solution from the ITW Buildex® brand extends significant installation efficiencies and design flexibility for any job. Using Advanced Thread Form technology provides teeth at intervals on alternating Sammys anchor threads, allowing it to grip into concrete with superb holding power that traditional threads can't duplicate.

Epcon C6+ is the newest addition to the Epcon Epoxy Anchoring Solutions line and offers the highest and most consistent tension performance in submerged applications based on side-by-side pull tests. In addition to the 35% improvement in bond strength compared to the closest competition in 70°(F) cracked concrete, it delivers outstanding performance in diamond cored and oversized holes and conveniently installs at job sites even when the concrete is wet.

Epcon S7 was introduced to the market one year ago and yields a higher characteristic bond strength in water saturated, water filled and submerged holes than other adhesives. Users report that Epcon S7 saves time and money on the job site since it allows construction crews to install threaded rod or rebar in concrete that is too damp or soaked to bond with other adhesives. Designed to simplify specification and code compliance, Epcon S7 gives architects and engineers the ability to use one calculation across more environmental conditions.

These products have received numerous third party approvals.

True and proven solutions

The new Truspec anchor software calculates connections so architects and engineers can design in accordance with ACI 318 appendix D. The free software design implements real-time 3D graphics, color-coded results and value displays in US customary or metric units in a matter of minutes. Users can predict mode of failure for anchor connections, recommend the most efficient anchoring size and method, and specify anchoring methods to achieve a desired failure mode.

Product datasheets, photos, ICC-ES evaluation reports and specification packages are all included in the Truspec anchor calculation software package. The software also supports architects and engineers by generating printed or PDF versions of anchor connection data, detailed calculations for anchor connection design, test reports and specification packages.

Trubolt+® overhead wedge anchors are designed to resist static, wind and seismic tension and shear loads for anchoring in cracked and uncracked applications. Anchor bodies are available in both carbon and stainless steel and support nearly every environmental condition. Each anchor is stamped to identify anchor length, preserving embedment verification during installation. Designed for high performance and fast installation, Trubolt+ is available in 3/8-, 1/2- and 5/8-inch diameters. Third party approvals include 2006 and 2009 International Building Code (IBC) Compliant and ICC-ES Report Number ESR No. 2427.

About ITW Red Head

Since inventing the concrete anchor in 1910, the ITW Red Head® family of concrete anchoring solutions continues to offer premium products to commercial and residential builders around the world. Besides the Epcon® line of adhesives, Red Head also offers the Trubolt® line of mechanical anchors and the Tapcon® line of screw anchors.

About ITW Buildex

The invention of Teks® self-drilling fasteners in 1967 established ITW Buildex as a value-added provider to the global construction market. Today the product portfolio includes Sammys® threaded rod hangers, Dektite® flashing systems, E-Z Ancor® drywall anchors, and Dec-King® for wood deck construction. Proprietary Climaseal®, Climacoat® and Blue Delta Seal® corrosion protection also are industry leaders.

About ITW Commercial Construction North America

ITW Commercial Construction North America encompasses the brands Buildex®, Red Head®, and Ramset® with an overall history that dates back over 100 years to 1910. Within this history was the invention of the first "powder-actuated tool" in 1947 and the original self-drilling TEKS® screw anchor in 1967. Together, Red Head, Ramset, and Buildex work to find innovative, quality products for the construction industry in areas of concrete, drywall, steel fabricators, fire protection, plumbing, electrical and HVAC.

Source: ITW Red Head

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