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ITW TACC Label indicates optimal temperature range for adhesives

Published on 2003-03-07. Author : SpecialChem


ITW TACC, a leading supplier of high performance adhesives for professional and industrial use, offers a patented temperature sensing label on its canister delivery systems. A series of colored dots on the label change color with changes in temperature of the adhesive contained within the canister, indicating the optimum temperature range for product use.

ITW TACC's patented aerosol adhesive canisters yield optimum performance when used within a temperature range of 60°- 90°F. The temperature indicator label is an easy way to determine if the temperature of the adhesive material is in the optimum range.

ITW TACC, a division of Illinois Tool Works, manufactures and markets adhesives. The company's patented canister spray system offers a high degree of flexibility and portability in delivering a wide range of adhesive products.

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