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Join 6th Annual Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox in Berlin

Published on 2018-07-18. Author : SpecialChem

This year’s Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox will take place on November 22-23 in Berlin, Germany. We are proud to announce our cooperation with SpecialChem, who will also be among our over 20 presenters from companies like Dow, BASF, Schill + Seilacher, Borealis, Adisseo or Bayer CropScience and will share their insights.

EBCG specialchem partnership event

Bratislava --
Digitalization, Globalization, Artificial Intelligence and The Circular Economy are buzzwords in every industry and so also in Chemicals. At our 6th Annual Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox, you will be able to share your thoughts and ideas with industry experts on how to deal with disruptive technologies, increased competition, value based pricing as well as all other related trends in either Sales or Marketing.

Last November, approximately 100 industry experts gathered in Berlin for one of the largest events for Sales & Marketing professionals in Chemicals. Attendees especially appreciated the interactive sessions, high quality speakers and networking opportunities.

After the keynote talks in the morning, the conference will be split up on both days into two separate streams, Sales and Marketing, to allow all attendees to focus on their respective field. During the interactive sessions, Digital Transformation, Value Based Pricing, Big Data, Blockchain and Virtual Reality will be discussed. Lastly, attendees will have several opportunities to choose their favorite speaker from each block and initiate an in-depth discussion with them. This way the voice of each person, not just the voice of the speakers, will be heard.

The Digitalized Customer & Big Data:

SpecialChem CEO & Founder Christophe Cabarry to Discuss Opportunities and Risks in the Chemical Industry

Market interactions in the chemical industry, at each level of the value chain, have become digital. Therefore, digitalizing a company’s sales, marketing and even R&D processes has become a priority to stay in business.

Join Christophe on Nov 22 to understand the practical implications of digitalization on customer-facing functions and regarding R&D and innovations. Also, learn how to adapt your organizational structure with the right roles and expertise to succeed. Key highlights include:

  • What trends point toward digitalization of the chemical industry
  • What are the new roles and processes for chemical suppliers to implement to accelerate their own digitalization efforts
  • Integrating more data from digital sources into the sales process: more results, more efficiency
  • AI - machine learning: predicting buyers intention based on their digital behaviour

and much more…

Download the program HERE.

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