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Jowat to Present Adhesives for Laminating Activated Charcoal Media at Filtech 2016

Published on 2016-08-08. Author : SpecialChem

DETMOLD -- Under the headline “Tuning for filter elements”, Jowat will present the latest developments in adhesive products for the manufacture of filters and filter media at the leading trade fair for filtration and separation equipment. At the show, Jowat will focus on pleating, frame bonding and attaching the activated charcoal on air filters for vehicles and buildings.

Focus - Pleating, Frame Bonding & Attaching Activated Charcoal on Air Filters

Jowat Adhesives: Latest Adhesives for Filters at Filtech

Adhesives used in filter media manufacturing have to meet tough demands: different requirements with regard to air filtration in vehicles and buildings, as well as a wide range of filter materials and manufacturing methods. And the demands are getting tougher each day, for instance due to more compact engines in cars. At Filtech 2016, Jowat will present the latest developments in adhesive solutions, which are characterized by high heat resistance for the hardening process of filter papers impregnated with phenolic resin, and high flexibility during the installation and the change of air filter elements. In addition, the products have excellent processing characteristics and provide a high value contribution.

Pleating and Frame Bonding

Jowatherm® and Jowat-Highterm® adhesives for pleating and frame assembly provide a high initial strength as well as an open time adapted to the typical process speed.

In pleating operations, Jowat-Highterm® adhesives impress through superior adhesion to different types of filter materials, like papers and non-wovens, and a high heat resistance which is necessary for downline processing steps.

Due to their flexibility, Jowatherm® and Jowat-Highterm® adhesives are resistant even to heavy deformations during the installation or change of filters, therefore ensuring durable filter elements.

Laminating Activated Charcoal Media

The low application amount required with Jowatherm-Reaktant® and Jowat-Toptherm® adhesives for laminating activated charcoal media ensures a large surface of activated charcoal, therefore providing the best air filtration effect and increasing the performance of the filter. Jowatherm-Reaktant® facilitates the manufacture of passenger cell air filters in OEM quality.

Due to the latest developments in Jowat-Toptherm® polyolefin hot melts, the same adhesive can be used for manufacturing the activated charcoal filter media as well as the filter frames.

About Jowat

Bonding is the most efficient assembly method and therefore a global growth market. The Jowat Group as medium-sized, family-owned enterprise is one of the top adhesive manufacturers around the world. Tradition and experience from almost 100 years of corporate development allow us to act as leading company in technologies and innovations, in numerous markets and application areas. This ranking as innovative leader is made possible by the commitment and competence of its employees, the adhesive experts who always find the perfect solution for our customers.


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