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Liofol Academy Comes To Dusseldorf

Published on 2008-08-07. Author : SpecialChem

Henkel is a worldwide leading supplier of laminating adhesives and coatings used for flexible packaging. As a recognized partner for system solutions, Henkel is pleased to invite European customers to its Liofol Academy in Dusseldorf, Germany. Highlighting the agenda: the newest trends in laminating and coating technology, and the impact of legislation regarding Food Safety and REACH.

A huge response is expected by the Henkel-team for the Liofol Academy in Dusseldorf taking place on September 17, 2008. Customers from all over Europe are invited to discuss the newest developments in the production of flexible packaging. The agenda looks promising: apart from Henkel's in-house experts, specialists from Nordmeccanica, worldwide leader in laminating and coating machinery, Flint Ink, key printing ink supplier for high performance applications, and Mitsubishi Plastics manufacturer of high performance films for retort, will be featured. Also, Zip-Pak, known for its resealable packaging solutions, will highlight their experience in the market. Henkel is also especially excited to feature Kraft Foods, completing input from both ends of the value chain.

The Liofol Academy is designed for our customers to get first hand information on how we and our partners can contribute to improving their business," explains Stefan Strenger, SBU Manager Flexible Packaging EMEA. "It is a platform to convey practical application know how in a very focused way. In addition, attendees of Liofol Academy events are the first to learn of innovative new products for the industry."

Safety first

The Liofol Academy in Dusseldorf will emphasize food safety. With its 4th generation of Liofol laminating adhesives, Henkel has succeeded in setting a new food safety standard. "Thanks to a patented method, the content of isocyanate has been reduced to a minimal residual quantity," says Strenger. For the production of simple laminates, it now takes not a week, but only as little as a day until the laminate complies with food law provisions. In the case of complex laminates, the cure time has been shortened from two or more weeks to as little as four days.

In addition, 4th-generation laminating adhesives are distinguished by their outstanding processing properties. Their high solids application and reduced solvent retention permit significantly higher machine speeds. This offers the packaging industry a system that ensures maximum safety while opening up new productivity potential. Strenger: "Safety is also a matter of the appropriate application. In addition to our regular trainings, the Liofol Academy delivers the newest application technology for converting processes to our customers."

Source: Henkel

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