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Liquid Control introduces high-viscosity Cartridge material feed systems

Published on 2002-10-31. Author : SpecialChem


Liquid Control introduces the Dispensit Titan - 200 ACO and the Titan 128, a cost-effective method of transferring highly filled viscous materials to the dispense valves.

Both the 200 ACO and 128 have a robust design and transfer abrasive and/or extremely viscous materials from their cartridges to any dispense valve with material pressures up to 200 psi.

The Dispensit Titan - 200 ACO features dual Titan 200s with automatic cross-over controls. It uses 20-ounce cartridges assuring fresh material supply from the dispense system by eliminating production interruption to change the cartridges. The Dispensit Titan 128 uses 1/10th-gallon caulking cartridges with threaded outlets and requires only plant air pressure to produce 2.5:1 material pressure power factor for effective and leak-free material transfer.

For more information: contact Erin Crowe at 330-494-1313, or e-mail crowe@liquidcontrol.com

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