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Liquid Control Offers Precision Hot Melt Dispensing Technology

Published on 2004-10-27. Author : SpecialChem

Liquid Control has introduced its new 1053 Micro Melt precision dispensing technology for applying hot melt and PUR adhesives and other single-component solid materials requiring heat for dispensing.

The 1053 Micro Melt precision valve utilizes proven rod displacement metering technology, providing extreme flow rate repeatability and accuracy from part to part. Depending on metering rod selection, the valve is capable of dispensing volumes from 0.002cc’s to 3.6cc’s of material.

A servo drive motor allows for bead extrusion as small as 1 mm in diameter for the smallest of bonding applications. With the proper adhesive selection, the Micro Melt system can dispense accurately and efficiently enough to replace Ultrasonic welding, making for a much more controlled bond line and production process.

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