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Vapor Barrier Tape for Building & Construction at BAU 2017, Lohmann

Published on 2016-11-25. Author : SpecialChem

BAU 2017

Lohmann will be participating at BAU 2017 and present its innovative adhesive solutions designed specifically for the construction industry. Lohmann’s market segment Building and Construction presents its wide range of products and several new innovations. BAU will be held in Munich from January 16 to 21, 2017 and Lohmann will be present in hall 1, Stand 234.

Innovative building materials, modern design trends and easy handling - the construction industry is faced with many challenges these days. In order to meet these optimally, the market segment Building and Construction has introduced many new products, which will be presented at the BAU.

“New Generation” Vapor Barrier Tape

The “New Generation” vapor barrier tape DuploCOLL® 21117 is amongst the newly launched products. . And it features following properties:
  • This new adhesive solution from Lohmann is used for the air-tight bonding of overlaps and penetrations in loft conversions. 
  • The product line is characterized by its "all-in-one" character. For example, the release paper doesn’t have to be peeled off. 
  • This also eliminates the annoying removal and disposal of the liner. 
  • The tape can even be applied at temperatures from -10°C upwards and possesses a strong initial adhesive strength on a wide range of substrates. 
  • Quick processing, thanks to the integrated fingerlift, time saving and freedom from solvents also characterize this adhesive tape. 
  • A pre-fixing of the vapor barrier layers by means of double-sided bonding is also possible. 
  • "New Generation" also fulfills the requirements of DIN 4108/7, ENEV and EC1. 

DuploCOLL® SLIDE is a considerable simplification of the well-known option of dry-glazing with adhesive tape (Dry Static Bonding (DSB)). This new product development will be presented at the BAU. The adhesive tape used in the window casement had so far been sprayed with water in order to allow a subsequent positioning of the glazing by means of blocks. On the water film, the pane of glass could then be “wedged” into the desired position. However, in this case, this involves the risk of using an incorrect dosage of the water mixtures. This is where the SLIDE system from Lohmann’s "Bonding Engineers" comes into play. It allows blocking without the use of water. During extrusion, a second, thicker layer is applied to the profile, parallel to the established DSB layer. The usual blocking procedure is thus possible as standard and without further measures.

Dry Static Bonding Wood Combines

The so-called Dry Static Bonding Wood (DSB Wood) is also new in the market segment Building & Construction. It offers the possibility of combining the sealing and static optimization of the wooden windows in one operation. During the development of the new adhesive solution, the Lohmann "Bonding Engineers" benefited from their many years of experience with manufacturers from the PVC world. The use of the two new adhesive tapes DuploCOLL® 56053 and 56055 (1.3 and 2 mm thick), makes it possible to seal, increase the profile stiffness and to relieve fittings and corner connections in one working step. The application is carried out on the varnished wood and can be tested according to the new guideline of the ift Rosenheim, VE 08 / T5. Together with the ift (Institute for Research, Testing and Certification), Lohmann will hold a workshop on this topic at the new TEC Center at the Neuwied site at the end of April 2017.

All in all, at the BAU 2017, the Lohmann experts will present a wide range of products for the construction industry and are naturally also available for more detailed discussions.

About Lohmann

As globally operatng bonding engineers, Lohmann has demonstrated for many years and in numerous sectors that it only delivers the highest quality. Lohmann‘s name is synonymous with decades of expertise in adhesive bonds, innovative developments, the most up-to-date production processes and uncompromising customer focus.

The Lohmann group employs over 1600 staff across the world, all of whom work in line with well-defined values.

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Source: Lohmann
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