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Lohmann Develops DuploCOLL® G, a Solution for Bonding on Glass

Published on 2016-07-15. Author : SpecialChem

The double sided PE foam tape with a tailor-made activator is especially suitable for the mounting and permanent bonding of attachments onto large glass surfaces. With DuploCOLL® G Lohmann’s “Bonding Engineers” have once again proven their good instinct for future trends. Since the tendency towards ever larger glass surfaces and more and more attachments that have to be applied directly onto the glass is increasing,

Double-sided PE Foam Tape with Tailor-made Activator

Innovative Bonding on Glass
DuploCOLL® G: Innovative Bonding on Glass

Lohmann had to find a solution to meet the demands of the automobile industry. Until now, the glass surface had to be pretreated with an activator in an additional work step to achieve permanent and resistant bonding. Lohmann has now solved this problem: The innovative product range DuploCOLL® G contains an activator that is already integrated into the special adhesive. This saves time and money while ensuring a decisive boost in efficiency for the customer.

What is more, DuploCOLL® G is resistant against temperature, weather and moisture exposure while achieving the same consistently high level of performance. A compressible backing made of permanently elastic PE foam to compensate for component tolerances, pure acrylic adhesive on the exposed side for outstanding final strength and the already mentioned special adhesive with integrated activator allow for a fast and efficient bonding. Final bonding is achieved after 24 hours, initial tack after just 30 minutes. Additionally, excellent adhesion to the substrates is confirmed.

The innovative tapes of the Duplo COLL® G range are available on rolls or spools in various sizes and thicknesses, but can also be ordered as die-cut parts.

About Lohmann

As globally operating bonding engineers, Lohmann has demonstrated for many years and in numerous sectors that it only delivers the highest quality. Lohmann‘s name is synonymous with decades of expertise in adhesive bonds, innovative developments, the most up-to-date production processes and uncompromising customer focus.

The Lohmann group employs over 1600 staff across the world, all of whom work in line with well-defined values.

Source: Lohmann

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