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Lohmann Unveils Three SBF Bonding Films for its Range of PUR Adhesive Tapes

Published on 2016-09-06. Author : SpecialChem

SBF Bonding Films
SBF Bonding Films
Lohmann has added three new products to its reactive chemistry portfolio. The products DuploTEC® 690 SBF (100µm), DuploTEC® 692 SBF (150µm) and DuploTEC® 694 SBF (200µm) extend the thickness range of Lohmann’s polyurethane adhesive tapes.

Bonding Films Offer Freedom of Design

DuploTEC SBF bonding films not only satisfy the high safety and environmental requirements of modern industry, but also offer enormous freedom of design – even for bonding on the smallest surfaces.

Within this scope “Topaz” technology represents bonding films that are activated at low temperatures and are thus suitable for quick adhesion. This technology combines high Adhesive strength and flexibility with a fast process.

DuploTEC® 690, 692 and 694 SBF are thermosetting films based on polyurethane-technology. Their unique construction gives them specific characteristics:
  • Low oozing
  • High flexibility 
  • Very good gap filling

The Adhesive strength of the new Topaz products is activated by heat from approximately 100-120° Celsius. This makes them especially suitable for the bonding on small surfaces like mobile phone displays.

Product Advantages:

  • Storage stability after pre-lamination
  • Very high load capacity with small bonding areas 
  • Excellent tensile elasticity behavior 
With their new product range Lohmann has once again proven their good feeling for future trends. The products of the SBF range are much stronger than conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives and offer a wide variety of possible applications: electronics, automotive or textile – just to name a few.

DuploTEC® 690, 692 and 694 SBF are available on rolls and as high-precision die-cuts even for sophisticated layouts.

About Lohmann

As globally operatng bonding engineers, Lohmann has demonstrated for many years and in numerous sectors that it only delivers the highest quality. Lohmann‘s name is synonymous with decades of expertise in adhesive bonds, innovative developments, the most up-to-date production processes and uncompromising customer focus.

The Lohmann group employs over 1600 staff across the world, all of whom work in line with well-defined values.

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