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LORD Corporation Launches First Ever OEM-Approved Adhesive for Bonding Bare Metal to SMC.

Published on 2008-06-30. Author : SpecialChem

LORD Corporation, maker of Fusor® Automotive Repair Adhesives - the leading metal and composite bonding solution for automotive body repair - has announced the launch of LORD Fusor 116 (Medium) and Fusor 117 (Slow) plastic to metal cross-bonding adhesive.

Designed to bond many types of rigid plastic to bare metal, the OEM-proven LORD Fusor 116/117 Plastic to Metal Cross Bonding Adhesive is corrosion resistant and has a lifetime guarantee. This product bonds plastics such as fiberglass, FRP, SMC, carbon fiber, ABS, Metton®, polycarbonate and acrylic. In addition, LORD Fusor 116/117 bonds bare metal and is the perfect choice when cross bonding bare metal to plastic is desired. Ideal for ground effects, hood scoops, door skins, Kemlite roofs, trailer walls, factory truck hoods and compact freight vehicles or RVs, Fusor 116/117 can be applied with an ordinary caulking gun and cures four times faster than competing products.

From July 1 through Sept. 1, or while supplies last, LORD is offering a free Fusor 313 gun - a $41.93 value - with the purchase of a starter kit. The high thrust mechanical applicator gun operates smoothly with standard caulking cartridges, enables dispensing of thick or cold materials and is ideal for Fusor 116, 117, 800EZ, 802EZ and 803EZ products. The starter kit includes two LORD Fusor 116 (Medium) Plastic to Metal Cross-Bonding Adhesive cartridges with (2) mixer tips, two LORD Fusor 117 (Slow) Plastic to Metal Cross-Bonding Adhesive cartridges with (2) mixer tips, and one LORD Fusor 313 Applicator Gun.

Developed by LORD Corporation, a pioneer and global leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance bonding solutions for more than 50 years, Fusor products have been a proven solution in the aftermarket for more than a decade. In addition to a wide range of acrylic, epoxy and urethane products for metal and plastic bonding and repair, LORD Fusor offers a line of sealers, foams, guns and other accessories.

With headquarters in Cary, N.C., USA, and sales in excess of $700-MM, LORD Corporation is a privately-held company that designs, manufactures and markets devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise and vibration; formulates, produces and sells general purpose and specialty adhesives and coatings; and develops products and systems utilizing magnetically responsive technologies. With manufacturing in nine countries and offices in more than 15 major business centers, LORD Corporation employs more than 2,600 worldwide.

Source: LORD Corporation

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