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Lord Corporation Opens New Michigan Facility to Better Serve the Automotive Market

Published on 2004-03-09. Author : SpecialChem


Lord Corporation -- a pioneer in specialty adhesives, polyurethane coatings as well as electronic, vibration and noise control solutions for the automotive market -- has expanded their Detroit area facility in an effort to better serve the automotive market.

Located on 4.8 acres at 28655 Automation Blvd. in Wixom, Mich., the newly constructed 19,020 square foot facility houses the automotive sales office and includes a 7,736 square foot high-technology formulation and testing laboratory, automotive aftermarket training classroom, as well as a garage suitable for hands-on automotive application training.

Lord Corporation's new facility is indicative of the company's growth and cradle-to-grave approach to the automotive industry. Having served the automotive marketplace for more than 80 years, Lord has had a presence in the greater Detroit area since the 1980s. Responding to a growing product line and development opportunities for the automotive OEMs, Lord Corporation expanded their operations in the 1990s to better service both the auto assembly and repair markets. However, according to Brett A. Luketic, Lord Corporation Market Manager-Automotive OE/Aftermarket, Lord's dedication to automotive solutions necessitated the construction of a new space to allow for enhanced testing and prototyping capabilities.

"Key to our product design and development process is realistic testing," said Luketic. "As such, we needed an area that would allow for activities ranging from process qualification to durability testing."

According to Dan Adam, Lord Senior Global Account Manager, Lord's investment in this new facility is in direct response to the company's commitment to serving the automotive market. Lord currently serves the industry throughout the complete automotive life cycle. This includes pre- assembly components to 'Tiers,' direct sales to automotive OEMs, as well as vehicle repair (recall OEM and body shop).

"The new facility will allow our technology-based company to better serve and train automotive customers on a variety industry issues -- ranging from acrylic, epoxy, and urethane adhesive solutions to applications know-how," said Adam. "The larger building includes space for meeting rooms and an automotive applications lab for auto assembly equipment, development, and demonstration. These additions allow us to offer a complete solutions center."

Approximately 20 staff members transferred to the Wixom site from Lord Corporation's Farmington Hills, Mich. facility. An open house is planned for March 26.

About Lord Corporation's Automotive Solutions

Lord Corporation provides solutions for the complete automotive life cycle, from pre-assembly and assembly to vehicle repair. Offerings include:

  • Development and manufacture of high-performance adhesives (Versilok)(R) and coatings that meet demanding specifications in automotive design and repair, to include repair of metal, composite body panels and hem flange assemblies. Not only do these products combat severe temperature, chemical attack and abrasion factors, but the same technology used by the OEMs for assembly is also found in Lord's products for automotive repair.
  • Fusor(R) Automotive Repair Adhesives for aftermarket repair: two- component and single-component adhesives, seam sealers and foams to help duplicate factory applications for all beadable, flowable and brushable applications. Fusor(R) products are OEM approved and have been a proven solution in the aftermarket for more than a decade.
  • MetalJacket(R) is an innovative aqueous, metal treatment and coating system that offers unrivaled simplicity, cost savings and corrosion control protection. MetalJacket eliminates the need for the zinc phosphate process and postpainting while providing superior corrosion resistance -- withstanding more than 500 hours of salt fog exposure.
  • Magneto-Rheological (MR) Technology provides active control of energy dissipation, motion control and haptic feedback for automotive systems. MR fluid also serves as a solution in automotive primary suspension systems.
  • A variety of high-performance Chemglaze(R) coatings for multi-layer steel head automotive engine gaskets and Photoglaze(R) UV-cured coatings for glass frit and interior trim.
  • Autoseal(R) -- environmentally-friendly adhesives and coatings -- are products for automotive weatherstrip and interior/exterior applications.
  • Flock adhesives offering strong adhesion to EPDM, as well as outstanding performance in an environmentally compliant formula.
  • Electronic control-by-wire systems that replace many mechanical and hydraulic vehicle-control systems.
  • A wide range of isolators and other devises that manage noise, vibration and motion.
  • Electronic assembly adhesives and coatings from Thermoset(R).

About Lord Corporation

Lord Corporation, with headquarters in Cary, NC and sales in excess of $440-MM, is a privately held company that formulates, produces and sells general purpose and specialty adhesives and polyurethane coatings; designs, manufactures and markets devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise and vibration; and develops products and systems utilizing magnetically responsive technologies. With plants in seven states and facilities/operations in 10 countries, Lord Corporation employs more than 2,200 worldwide.

Source: Lord Corporation

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