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Low smoke, high temperature FR foam introduced by Zotefoams

Published on 2007-05-03. Author : SpecialChem

Zotefoams, the Foam Technology Company has launched a new foam based on Kynar® PVDF (poly vinylidene fluoride). Designated ZOTEK® F 40 HT LS, this high temperature foam is recommended for use in a variety of sealing and insulation applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries, where exceptionally low smoke release is required in the event of fire.

With an upper operating temperature limit of 155°C, ZOTEK® F 40 HT LS is approved to ASTM E-84/ UL 723, the test for flame spread and smoke development which classifies building materials. Results of recent FM 4910 exploratory testing, carried out by Factory Mutual, indicate that the new foam is capable of meeting the stringent requirements for clean room materials.

Uses for the new material have already been identified in markets that require ASTM E-84/ UL 723 compliant materials for energy management insulation. ZOTEK® F 40 HT LS is also said to exhibit excellent UV resistance and is tolerant of cleaning materials and many chemicals.

PVDF exhibits excellent resistance to attack from most inorganic acids and alkalis, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, inorganic acids (e.g. sulphuric and nitric acid), alcohols and halogenated solvents but may be susceptible to attack from strong alkalis (i.e. pH >12) and strongly polar solvents.

Being closed cell, the new material resists water absorption. It may be fabricated by traditional means including sawing, routing, drilling, water jet cutting and die cutting. It can also be formed into both simple and complex shapes such as pipes or tubes using heat compression moulding and vacuum forming techniques.

Source: Zotefoams

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