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Mactac Expands its Durable Films Solution Line with Lintec Polyester Film Product

Published on 2018-04-02. Author : SpecialChem

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Mactac Expands with Lintec Polyester Film Product
Mactac® has decided to expand its heavy-duty, high-performance Durable Films Solutions line with the addition of a unique and highly durable polyester film product, developed by LINTEC Corporation.

LINTEC, which purchased Mactac in 2016, provides a wide range of pressure-sensitive papers and films to produce labels and seals for a variety of applications, such as food labeling, consumer electronics and automotive identification.

Mactac’s Durable Films Solutions

Mactac’s Durable Films Solutions are intended for durable goods and industrial labeling applications such as power tools, appliances, electronics, compliance labels, and warning and instructional labels. The films are typically used to identify products, track or relay information, or instruct or warn consumers about proper product usage.

Kim Hensley, marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives, said:

LINTEC is a leader in the development of adhesive products and of LINTEC’s many innovative pressure-sensitive solutions, the company’s PET50K2411 PAT1 7LK polyester film product in particular, caught the eye of our Mactac durable films experts. This LINTEC product has incredible bond strength and extremely high durability and we knew it would bring remarkable added value to Mactac’s durable films line.”

LINTEC’s Product known within Mactac’s Durable Films Portfolio as FCD4954

LINTEC’s product, which is ideal for nameplate, branding and instruction and safety warning labeling, is known as FCD4954 within Mactac’s Durable Films portfolio. It has some interesting features which are listed below:

  • It is a 2.0-mil semi-gloss, white polyester film designed with outstanding resistance to solvents, humidity, elevated temperatures, ultraviolet light and more.
  • It features LINTEC’s reputable high-performance permanent acrylic PAT1 adhesive, which has a long history – more than 30 years – of superior performance.
  • It also offers a white glassine liner, excellent dimensional stability and superior printability via flexographic and thermal transfer printing processes.

All Mactac Durable Films Solutions, FCD4954 included, are tested and recognized by industry standards, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 969 for superior performance despite long-term exposure to a variety of environmental elements.

Source: Mactac
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