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Magnatex® MMP Series pumps designed for low-flow, low-head applications

Published on 2002-10-02. Author : SpecialChem


Magnatex Pumps Inc. offers Magnatex MMP Series Pumps, designed specifically for low-flow, low-head applications. These magnetically driven, sealless centrifugal pumps provide efficient, leak-free pumping of flows up to 20 gpm, heads up to 90 feet and pressures up to 85 psig. The high-quality, dependable, heavy-duty pumps utilize the Magnatex exclusive “straddle-bearing” design that reduces shaft load and bearing wear. MMP Series Pumps are furnished with shaft, thrust ring sleeves and bushings made of Beta sintered Silicon Carbide material. Slip-fit construction allows for easy maintenance, and the sealless, mag-drive design eliminates the need for costly, high-maintenance mechanical seals.

For more information: contact Wallace Scott at 713-972-8666, fax 713-972-8665, or e-mail sales@magnatexpumps.com

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