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Mechanical Surface Engineering Strengthens Adhesive Joints and Widens Choice of Adhesives and Materials

Published on 2004-11-09. Author : SpecialChem

BondFace optimizes a surface for adhesive bonding. A BondFacer tool pressed vertically against a surface either at selected 'spots' or repeatedly for larger areas, leaves a pattern of short surface grooves and a 'forest' of mini hooks that rise from the surface to become embedded in the hardened adhesive. When combined with the added exposed surface area, BondFace provides new bond performance. As well, the choice of materials and adhesives that can be used together is expanded.

The BondFacer tool can be operated with one hand on a job site in a hammer-type tool or used in a variety of high speed, hand or stationary presses. It uses replaceable, snap-in blade packs for different materials and for low-cost operation.

Patents are issued (US 5,376,410 and others). Detailed know-how is available to interested licensees.

(BondFace has additional applications in electro-chemistry (batteries, catalytic devices), for heat transfer (finning), and to increase grip (anti-slip).)

Source: Inventure

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