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Merquinsa Consolidates Leadership in Adhesive TPUs with New Grades for Footwear, Heat Sealable Fabrics and Reactive Hot Melts

Published on 2004-11-16. Author : SpecialChem

Barcelona, Spain -- Merquinsa unveiled innovative polyester and polycaprolactone based PEARLSTICK® and PEARLBOND® adhesives grades for the most demanding shoe sole bonding applications, heat sealable fabrics and reactive hot melts.

"Those new PEARLSTICK® and PEARLBOND® grades consolidates Merquinsa's leadership in adhesive TPUs offering a full range of solvent free and solvent based adhesive TPU solutions” said Vicenç Rocher, Adhesives Sales Manager, Merquinsa.

The new PEARLSTICK® and PEARLBOND® products include:

  • PEARLSTICK 49-46 is a unique polyester based TPU with the highest level of performance that can be achieved through polyester TPU technology. It combines high heat resistance and high initial peel strength with a good low temperature stability of the final adhesive. Such properties are achieved through an extremely optimized formulation. It is specially intended for adhesives producers equipped with high shear dissolvers. It is available under a wide range of viscosities:
    • PEARLSTICK 49-46/19 1700 - 2100 mPa.s
    • PEARLSTICK 49-46/15 1300 - 1700 mPa.s
    • PEARLSTICK 49-46/23 2100 - 2500 mPa.s
  • PEARLBOND DIPP 539 is a polycaprolactone based TPU specially designed to quickly increase green strength of PU reactive hot-melts. It makes possible to reduce cycle times what results in a productivity increase. According to Jesus Lope, Application Lab Manager, Merquinsa “ Pearlbond DIPP 539 productivity increase is achieved due to its extremely high crystalinity and crystallization speed, resulting also in high cohesion strength values within a short time “. “Flexibility at low temperatures is another main benefit of this special TPU grade” Lope said.
  • PEARLBOND D12C75 is a polyester based adhesive TPU for heat sealable fabrics. PEARLBOND D12C75 fills the so far existing gap, between crystalline and thermoplastic TPUs. It combines a low melting point with dry cleaning resistance. Its low hardness down to 75 Shore A gives it a special soft touch ideal for Heat Sealable Fabrics. In addition, it has a high adhesion and cohesion strength, and bonds well to a wide variety of substrates. Cryogenically ground it can be applied on the textiles by all the powder application techniques: Scattering, DOT Paste, Sintering, etc.

Merquinsa is a world leading thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) specialty elastomers producer, providing globally innovative products for injection molding, extrusion, calendering, melt coating, compounding and adhesives applications.

Merquinsa world headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain with regional centres near Boston in North America and in Hong Kong.

Source: Merquinsa

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