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MetalFX® and matchmycolor.com Team Up

Published on 2006-04-03. Author : SpecialChem

MetalFX® has teamed up with matchmycolor.com, the world class color management program.

matchmycolor is a color-dedicated platform for color professionals, managed by world-class color experts. By visiting www.matchmycolor.com, you can seek advice and online services to match color and check color feasibility, among a suite of color-related services throughout the value chain.

MetalFX® joins another five partners as part of matchmycolor.com: Ciba, X-Rite, GretagMacbeth, DuPont Titanium Technologies and NellyRodi TrendLab.

Metallic Match-Maker!

MetalFX® has revolutionised the printing of metallic colors. The software and swatch book based system gives the freedom to choose hundreds of metallic colors and print them accurately. MetalFX® means accurate color specification that has never before been available for metallic colors.

Through MetalFX®, printers can offer their clients an unlimited amount of metallic colors from a choice of thousands, all by using only five inks - the usual CMYK set, and the MetalFX® base ink.

MetalFX means accurately overprinting values of CMYK on top of the special high lustre MetalFX® metallic ink, giving the ultimate choice in metallic colors to create measurable, reproducible metallic colors. Any amount of these metallics can be incorporated at the design stage, creating some outstanding metallic effects, and then printed in one single pass of a 5-color printing press. Visually stunning special effects, such as LiteFX™ and HoloFX™, are also possible.

MetalFX® is easy for printers, inspiring to designers and economical to brand owners.

A Match Made in Heaven

It is therefore perfect that MetalFX® has teamed up with matchmycolor.com, the 'one-stop-shop' for color management.
Matchmycolor.com offers such services as inspiration for the latest color trends, color prototyping, color definition and formulation development. It can tell you if your color is feasible in your specific application and what the closest feasible color is, all in "just 3 clicks!"


Pascaline Criton, matchmycolor.com's Project Manager, commented: "With MetalFX®, the possibilities of metallic colors have expanded in size so much that it blows all other systems out of the water. Not only can a printer or designer choose as many metallics as they like, they can also all be printed accurately. We were therefore very keen to bring MetalFX® onboard with matchmycolor.com, meaning that we can now give advice and solutions on the whole color spectrum, both for standard color and metallics."

Andrew Ainge, MetalFX®'s Managing Director, confirmed: "It is great for MetalFX® to be part of the matchmycolor.com service. Bringing together all the elements of color and color management in one place is a great idea, and it is perfect for MetalFX® to be involved with the project at this stage."


For further information on matchmycolor.com, including a free trial, visit www.matchmycolor.com . To find out more about MetalFX, visit www.metal-fx.com or e-mail info@metal-fx.com.

About matchmycolor.com

matchmycolor.com is an innovative, state of the art, service-based color management platform, accelerating color development whilst simultaneously reducing costs. Among its many services, matchmycolor.com offers real-time, on-line Color Feasibility checking, real-time, on-line Color Matching, on-line technical support from an industrial application expert and color sampling of engineered prototypes. matchmycolor.com is targeted at the entire color value chain, from OEM brands to Designers, Formulators and Converters and across industries. matchmycolor.com's partners are X-Rite, DuPont Titanium Technologies, Nelly Rodi TrendLab, Ciba, and Gretag MacBeth.

Source: matchmycolor.com

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