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METEX & SK Chemicals Collaborate to Optimize PDO Project

Published on 2015-06-26. Author : SpecialChem

METabolic EXplorer and SK Chemicals make an update about the 1,3-propanediol (PDO) project in Ulsan (Republic of Korea). The two partners have decided to further collaborate to optimize the integration and extension of the first PDO project on the existing petrochemical complex and conduct engineering activities for the first commercial plant. It is reasonably estimated to take a six months period to perform these activities.

METabolic EXplorer

Young Hwi Jin, Senior Vice President of Bio-based Materials & Energy of SK chemicals declares: “The industrialization of bio-based 1,3-propanediol(PDO) entails careful studies and engineering. SK Chemicals and METEX will collaborate to ensure the optimal scope and evaluate the value to be generated by the first investment to industrialize the bio-based 1,3-propanediol (PDO) based on METEX technology. We rely on METEX’ expertise and support to achieve this challenging task.”

Benjamin Gonzalez, METabolic EXplorer’ CEO declares: “METEX will bring its process know-how and expertise to assist our partner and make the industrialization of the mature 1,3-PDO technology possible and allow the start of the plant construction”.

About METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer is a biological chemistry company which was incorporated in 1999. Its goal is to help industrial businesses deal with the rise in oil prices, so that they can continue their production, in a different, sustainable way.

Based on the tried and tested principle of industrial fermentation, METabolic EXplorer's solutions replace today’s petrochemical processes with the use of a wide range of plant-based raw materials. By optimizing the metabolic yield of non-pathogenic bacteria in a contained, controlled environment, the company facilitates the production of chemical compounds used in a wide range of everyday goods (textile fibres, plastics, resins, solvents or animal feed supplements).

METabolic EXplorer is currently focusing its alternative processes on the production of three compounds that together have an estimated, annual, end-market value of €7 billion. The company's strategy will be implemented through industrial partnerships in the shape of licenses and joint ventures, as well as own-account production units.
METabolic EXplorer, based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, is listed on NYSE Euronext in Paris (Compartment C, METEX) and is part of the CAC Small index and EnterNext Tech40 label.

About SK Chemicals

Since its formation in 1969, SK Chemicals Co., Ltd. has grown into one of the major healthcare and chemical companies in Korea through a series of continuous innovations, achieving the consolidated revenue of $8 bn. in 2013. The company is now trying to leap forward by reorganising its corporate structure into Green Chemicals and Life Science, under the vision of ‘Becoming one of the global leaders of eco-friendly materials and total healthcare solutions provider’.

In its Green Chemicals Business, SK Chemicals is deploying a business portfolio of variety of excellent specialty chemicals and plastics and continuously implementing innovations to high performance plastics, bio-fuels and composite materials.

Source: METabolic EXplorer

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