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Methode Announces a New Line of Elastomer-coated Heating Elements Suitable for a Wide-range of Applications

Published on 2010-09-20. Author : SpecialChem

CHICAGO, IL -- Methode Development Company, a subsidiary of Methode Electronics, Inc., has developed an advanced line of energy efficient heating elements with exceptionally uniform heat dispersion characteristics finished in robust elastomeric materials. These heating elements are thin profile, lightweight, durable and pliable, available in both metallic and non-metallic materials, making them suitable for use in specialty garments, custom heating fixtures, surfaces, devices and other novel heating applications. Custom sizes and shapes are available up to W 32" x L 32" (W81cm x L81cm), with thermal characteristics capable of uniformly producing temperatures up to 400° F (205° C) across its surface area.

This novel heating element format consists of two-ply elastomeric construction, employing stranded Flexible Carbon Fiber or stainless steel Metal Mesh heating elements, bonded between two pieces of elastomer giving overall profile thickness (including substrate) of .04"-.08" (.10cm - .20cm). Common elastomers available as options include Neoprene, Urethane, EPDM and Silicone; a cut or tear-resistant option is also available using a fiberglass layer. Methode's Flexible Carbon Fiber Heater technology is unique since it uses stranded carbon fiber--not woven--and it employs Methode's patented Sonicrimp Technology for a durable, low-profile electrical termination. Additionally, carbon fibers are not susceptible to failure modes inherent to other heater technologies (i.e. NiCr wire, etched copper, etc.) including increased resistance and cracked traces when subjected to repetitive flexing cycles or crease bending specifications.

Heaters manufactured with Methode Electronics' elastomer-coated heating elements can be easily configured with Thermistors, RTDs, Thermocouples or Thermostats. Independent circuitry within the heater can be used to return the signal to the lead exit area while maintaining a desirable low profile. For additional protection thermal, cutoffs are available to provide reliable one-shot-over-temperature protection.

About Methode

Methode Electronics is a leading developer of custom-engineered and application-specific products and solutions utilizing the latest technologies. From biometric identification utilizing the unique characteristics of human skin structure; to magnetic signature sensing of mechanical and electrical properties; to the revolutionary solid-state touch sensitive switches used in today's appliances and automobiles, Methode's extensive toolbox of technical solutions help our customers differentiate their products. Our regional design and customer support centers, coupled with manufacturing campuses in the Americas, Europe, and Asia allow Methode to bring a total business solution to customers worldwide. We leverage the talents of our 2,800 employees to serve a diversified group of customers in four market areas: User Interfaces, Sensor and Switches, Power and Data. Methode helps customers win in their end markets by providing an unmatched combination of customer focus, differentiated technology, problem solving and world -class manufacturing.

Source: Methode

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