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Migration from adhesives into food packaging materials - MIGRESIVES Closing Conference

Published on 2010-03-09. Author : SpecialChem

The MIGRESIVES project consortium will present the results of more than 3 years of research work. Their conclusions for conformity evaluation of food contact materials with adhesive layers will be discussed with all stakeholders. The conference will be held on 27 and 28 April in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is organised by FEICA - the European Association of Adhesives & Sealants Manufacturers - on behalf of the project consortium.

MIGRESIVES is a European research project (COLL-CT-2006-030309) within the 6th EU Framework Collective Research Programme in support of small and medium size enterprises. Starting point was the fact that adhesives in food contact materials are not yet specifically regulated in Europe. On the other hand the demands to document and verify the safety in use of food contact materials including the adhesive layers are increasing in all stages of the production chain up to the food industry. Furthermore industry needs to be prepared for a future regulation of adhesive layers.

It was the intention of the MIGRESIVES project to develop a pragmatic, science based test concept to ensure the safety-in-use of adhesives used in food contact materials. Adhesives formulations are often very complex and contain numerous single components. Within the project, tools and parameters are developed to estimate the transfer of constituents from adhesive layers into food by mathematical modelling as well as suitable analytical methods. Many adhesive applications are in combination with cardboard and paper. It could be shown that migration modelling is applicable to those materials. All these tools are embedded in a concept for conformity evaluation including guidelines and training modules. This concept will be usable for in house quality assurance and food packaging compliance control systems.

The conference will give an overview on the objectives, structures and results of the project. The testing concept and the free software including tools will be presented. The implications of the MIGRESIVES results will be highlighted by representatives of legislation, adhesive industry, packaging industry, food industry, surveillance laboratories and food safety authorities.

Source: FEICA

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