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Momentive at K 2016: Displays Range of Silanes for Adhesives and more

Published on 2016-10-20. Author : SpecialChem

WATERFORD, N.Y. -- Momentive Performance Materials Inc. ("Momentive") displays its line of silanes products for use in a wide variety of industries and applications at K 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, October 19-26.

Momentive at K 2016
Momentive at K 2016
Momentive sales and marketing experts are on hand at Hall 6-B15 to discuss how its silanes can extend product life, enhance product performance and expand a product's usefulness. By promoting adhesion, coupling, or crosslinking by reducing mixing viscosity; improving filler dispersion; or reducing heat during extrusion, incorporation of these silanes can help improve overall properties of thermoset, thermoplastics and plastics.

List of Displayed Silane Products

Silquest silane

Versatile and possessing the ability to react with a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials, Silquest silanes work effectively as coupling agents, crosslinking agents and surface modifiers. Silquest silanes have been used in high-strength crosslinked plastics, easily dispersed fillers, and resilient adhesives and coatings.

PEarlene silicone masterbatches

By modifying the rheological characteristics of the molding compound, improving its lubricity and reducing friction, PEarlene silicone master batches help increase fabrication efficiency. In addition to better scratch and mar resistance, finished components made with PEarlene silicone master batches typically feature enhanced impact resistance and a lower coefficient of friction.

Tospearl light diffusion microsphere resins

Momentive Tospearl products' highly uniform particle size, heat resistance, premium antiblock properties and low coefficient of friction make these T resins valuable components to consider for use in various films in the food, beverage and packaging industries.

Silox and Silcat specialties

Used in concert with high-performance master batch formulations and stabilized resins, Momentive's Silox liquid grafting agents can help optimize the performance of polyethylene pipes. Momentive's Silcat silanes can help enable molded plastics makers to differentiate their products while keeping production costs low.

About Momentive

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in silicones and advanced materials, with a 75-year heritage of being first to market with performance applications for major industries that support and improve everyday life. The Company delivers science-based solutions by linking custom technology platforms to opportunities for customers. Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of MPM Holdings Inc.

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Source: Momentive
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