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Momentive Specialty Chemicals and Cytec Announce Increase in Product Prices

Published on 2011-04-29. Author : SpecialChem

The Leading Companies Momentive Specialty Chemicals and Cytec have decided to increase the price of some of their products, as listed in the table below. This price increase is necessary to support continued investment in reliable supply.



Product Name

Price Increase


United States and Canada Momentive Specialty Chemicals All acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acrylic and other polymers used in the adhesives, textiles, nonwovens and construction market Six to eight cents per wet pound May 15, 2011
Europe Momentive Specialty Chemicals AXILATTM dispersion and redispersible powders between € 100/Mt and € 200/Mt, depending the product line May 2011, or as contracts allow
America Cytec Acrylated Monomers $0.16/lb to $0.24/lb. May 23, 2011
America Cytec Epoxy Acrylate Oligomer $0.12/lb to $0.20/lb May 23, 2011
America Cytec All other Oligomers $0.10/lb up to $0.20/lb May 23, 2011
America Cytec VANCRYL® acrylic resins, solutions and emulsions $0.06/lb up to $0.08/lb May 23, 2011

This action is driven by the increase of raw materials, packaging and freight costs. The price increase is also to further ensure delivery of the same high quality product and service standards expected by its customers.

Sources: Specialchem Editorial Team
Taken from Momentive Specialty Chemicals and Cytec

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