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MRC Projects Stable Growth of Bio-butanediol Market for China

Published on 2012-01-04. Author : SpecialChem

LONDON -- The demand on the global butanediol market has shown completely positive levels during the past decade. It is worth noticing that during the global recession the demand volume index rested at as high as approximately 1.5 mln tons in 2009. Butanediol application for spandex fibres and polybutylene terephthalate is driving the demand today due to the high-scale use of these materials in various industries.

The healthy and stable growth of the butanediol market is projected for China, which makes good grounds for lavish investment flows. The application of up-to-date cheaper and improved routes of production secures further development of the butanediol industry, especially within the emerging economies. New projects on bio-butanediol manufacture are also underway.

Insightful Review of the butanediol market and its future development is presented in the new market research report "Butanediol (BDO) 2011 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2016". The study compiles a detailed analytical overview of the total market through the past, present and future. The data is provided for the global, regional and by-country markets.

In detail the report examines the key market statistics and indexes - production and consumption volumes, demand trends, prices for butanediol and trade activities, information on major producers and consumers. The future projections depict how the market will develop in the coming 5 years, its future trends, opportunities, volumes and prices.

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Source: Merchant Research

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