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Multibase develops high performance TPEs

Published on 2002-12-26. Author : SpecialChem


Multibase, a Dow Corning company, claims that it has developed a new category of high performance TPEs. TPSiV™ high performance thermoplastic elastomers are particularly suited for select applications where alternative TPEs cannot perform, says the company.

The new materials are thermoplastic silicone vulcanizates that combine the high-temperature elastomeric performance of silicone rubber with the melt reprocessability and chemical resistance of engineering thermoplastics. The company explains that the cost-effectiveness of TPSiV materials is a result of their melt processability, reduced total materials consumption and recyclability.

In addition to its melt reprocessability, TPSiV™ materials are said to have a wide range of hardness 50 Shore A to 60 Shore D, good high temperature performance in air, abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals including fuel and oil, as well as low compression set and tensile set at elevated temperatures. TPSiV materials are available in black or 'appliance white', can be coloured and are printable.

"The prospects for these materials are excellent due the unusual combination of properties and cost/value performance that is not easily available from competitive materials," says Fernando Cuccioli, Multibase Global Marketing manager. "We are exploring application development opportunities as we continue to identify customer needs and determine how best to help them succeed."

The company says that typical applications for TPSiV™ materials include seals/gaskets, industrial hoses, and grips/ handles in a wide variety of markets such as automotive, sports and leisure, electrical/ electronic, agricultural, industrial safety, furniture and domestic appliance/household.

TPSiV™ 1180-50D is claimed to offer superior flexibility and strength at high temperatures without the use of plasticizers. It is a 'flexible' nylon with a CUT of 140�C (284�F). Multibase believes that it has excellent 'drawing' capability for profile extrusion; excellent oil-, chemical- and hydrolytic stability at high temperatures; and is particularly suited for automotive applications where oil, chemical and high temperature resistance are important, as well as industrial tubing for the petroleum industry.

The company has also introduced three new grades of TPSiV™ materials in its 3000 Series that offer a combination of high temperature performance, oil and chemical resistance, softness, and high elasticity "all in one" formulation. These materials also offer high performance under harsh environmental conditions, and resistance to extreme temperatures, abrasion and chemical attack.

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