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National Adhesives Introduces New Hybrid Adhesive with Superior Adhesion for Quality Board Laminations

Published on 2004-06-16. Author : SpecialChem


National Adhesives has introduced a new high-performance adhesive that provides exceptional adhesion and increased production speed for paperboard laminators.

AEROBOND® 12-200A adhesive, the newest addition to the AEROBOND product line, has been developed by National to provide board laminators with an adhesive formulation that will maximize speed and adhesion while maintaining good open time and easy clean up properties. AEROBOND 12-200A also significantly reduces "score crack," a condition commonly associated with the use of standard dextrins for board laminating applications. Score crack can be a major problem on graphic-rich laminated boards such as those used in point-of-purchase displays.

AEROBOND 12-200A works well in a broad range of paper board lamination applications and on a variety of label weights. The adhesive is designed for use on Automaton, Stock, Tunkers and other laminating equipment. "The development of this product is an example of National's laminating expertise and commitment to bonding solutions that deliver high quality laminations for the lowest cost in use," said David Lydzinski, Business Manger, Laminating Adhesives, National Adhesives.

National Adhesives also offers the AEROBOND foaming system, a method by which air is introduced to the adhesive to yield high quality laminations through reduction of moisture and improved application consistency. The AEROBOND system dramatically reduces warp and lowers overall adhesive consumption and production cost, according to Lydzinski.

National Adhesives is a unit of National Starch and Chemical Company, which had worldwide sales of $3.05 billion in 2003. National Adhesives offers liquid emulsion, solvent-borne solution and hot melt adhesives to customers worldwide. National Adhesives' products are based on polyurethane, acrylic, rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate, epoxy, polyvinyl acetate and starch and dextrin chemistries. National Starch and Chemical Company has its headquarters in Bridgewater, N.J., and is a member of the ICI Group.

Source: National Adhesives

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