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New adhesive film tape: perfect solution for plate mounting in post print

Published on 2009-04-16. Author : SpecialChem

Latest developments in the post print industry show, with ever increasing customer demands in the printing quality that the demands of the equipment rise accordingly. Today, the name Lohmann is inseparably connected with the DuploFLEX brand in the printing industry, now considered a benchmark in plate mounting worldwide.

Recently the company developed a new adhesive film tape range for the post print industry. In order to secure the photopolymer plates to the polyethylene film, a double-sided adhesive tape is typically used. The new DuploFLEX FILM - 100, 200 and 300 - range is the perfect solution for this kind of plate mounting in post print because of its optimal adhesive performance both on the PET- film and on the printing plate.

In addition, the adhesive tapes used here must have further special features. Therefore the DuploFLEX FILM range possesses a structured paper liner, can be demounted residue-free, is geometrically stable throughout the printing process, is temperature and solvent resistant and has minimal thickness tolerances. Due to the printing requirements the new product range is available in thicknesses from 0,1, 0,2, 0,3 mm and on different carriers like PET and PVC.

Processing errors can be avoided due to the colour coding of the individual thicknesses The film tapes can be mounted manually or mechanically and are available in customized roll widths up to the maximum plate width. This new tape range for plate mounting in post print is the best possible addition to the DuploFLEX CB (corrugated board) range and Lohmann proves again its expertise in offering wide range solutions from a single source.

Source: Lohmann

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