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New adhesive technologies from Huntsman enhance product performance for customers

Published on 2003-08-26. Author : SpecialChem


Harnessing strong local knowledge, global support and technical expertise, Huntsman Polyurethanes� Adhesives, Coatings and Elastomers division will be showcasing its latest technical developments at Eurocoat 2003. These advances will enable formulators to produce effective, tailor-made products and respond to customer demand for innovative and profitable solutions.

Among the new technologies to be unveiled, the team will be showcasing its extended range of modified, low functional liquid SUPRASEC variants used for the production of reactive hot melt solutions. This is the latest development work in adhesive systems can be applied to a wet wood substrate, while maintaining excellent bonding qualities and flexibility. SUPRASEC 2401, a recent addition to the adhesive raw materials portfolio, is a typical component of such a system. It is a polymeric MDI variant with extremely high miscibility. This development enables formulators to adjust the final isocyanate content of a prepolymer during its production to permit backblending with a polymeric MDI variant, without yielding hazy final products. Very often the compatibility between the raw materials is limited, resulting in products that tend to phase separate, limiting their shelf life. SUPRASEC 2401 is also used as a crosslinker in two component systems, where the reactivity between the two raw materials is highly important to ensure workability.

The family of dedicated products for polyurea spray coating applications is also growing. SUPRASEC 2067 is a newly developed MDI prepolymer for the use in polyurea spray coatings. It provides cured films, which show a high hardness combined with good abrasion resistance, improved chemical resistance and low water absorption.

The team is also currently screening, testing and developing MDI based prepolymers for use in one-component, moisture cure coatings. The series includes products such as SUPRASEC 2060, which provides a high crosslinking of the film and a defined, fast curing; and SUPRASEC 2061, which delivers more elastic films and a different cure profile due to its different chemical structure.

SUPRASEC technology combined with the division�s expertise in the thermoplastic polyurethane industry using IROSTIC products results in significant improvements for the adhesive formulator. These include the initial green strength development, which provides faster production and performance benefits.

The team is also exhibiting enhanced IROSTIC products for solvent-based TPU adhesives and IRODUR products for the crosslinker market. The IROSTIC portfolio offers the user a wide range of different activation temperatures and solution viscosities for use in a variety of applications such as automotive, footwear, textiles and DIY adhesives. Special grades, including IROSTIC S 7547, offer specific features such as excellent hydrolysis resistance together with good heat resistance and peel strength.

In the elastomers area, for example, for the production of encapsulants, recent results in the formulation of cold cast systems, delivering high hardness of Shore D 70 � 80 up to Shore D 90, will be presented.

Huntsman Polyurethanes, an international business unit of Huntsman International LLC, produces chemicals and systems for customers in the construction, refrigeration insulation, packaging, automotive seating and interiors, furniture, footwear, composite wood products, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), and adhesives, coatings, and elastomers markets.

Source: Huntsman Polyurethanes

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