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New Conference on Moisture in Building Materials Announced by Principia Partners

Published on 2008-10-28. Author : SpecialChem

EXTON, Pa. -- Principia Partners, globally recognized for strategy consulting and industrial market research for the building products and construction materials industry, will be hosting Moisture 2009 in Building Materials at the Charlotte Marriott City Center, Charlotte, North Carolina on October 19 and 20, 2009. The conference will provide industry executives the latest information on building science and how issues related to moisture, including weatherization systems and changing code requirements will ultimately impact their business.

Moisture 2009 is drawing the most knowledgeable commercial and technical experts to share their perspectives and developments on this constantly changing industry issue. The conference will feature industry thought leaders presenting cutting edge information in a unique forum of learning and networking during this two-day event.

Builders and contractors must carefully adjust construction practices to stay ahead of the onslaught of new research/materials and codes. Codes dictate that there must be proper ventilation of all habitable and occupied interior areas, along with specific concealed spaces. These codes also state that the exterior envelope of all buildings must be protected with vapor retarders, water-resistive barriers, and flashing. Building owners, property management companies and tenants need to be vigilant and take steps to maintain existing buildings and their systems to prevent moisture from accumulating.

Billions of dollars of claims and repairs are spent annually due moisture-related damage, affecting everyone in the value chain, from primary manufacturers and distributors to builders and property owners to insurance carriers. Unchecked mold growth in wall and ceiling cavities and on interior surfaces (interior wood, wallboard and flooring) have been blamed for serious illnesses.

From mold prevention, control and remediation to high-efficiency heating and cooling systems to the benefits offered by sealants and adhesives, moisture management issues need to be better understood. Other important areas of industry interest to manage moisture related problems include ducts in air conditioned spaces, whole-house air infiltration, outside foundation walls drainage, insulation for increased air circulation by raising surface temperature and reduced humidity.

Advances in moisture management solutions, from raw materials to finished systems, continue to be made in moisture barrier and mold prevention. Implications on polymer additives, specialty chemicals and other functional materials will be discussed at the conference. Further, mold prevention solutions through moisture control material systems and construction techniques will be the topic of the day in terms of how these approaches meet the changing design requirements in residential and commercial construction.

Lou Rossi, Managing Partner, says "We are very excited about this event and its ability to serve as an open industry forum for learning and networking. The industry is looking to understand how building materials and construction practices for moisture protection and prevention will be affected in future residential and commercial building applications. Technology advances are poised to expand new products and solutions to improve material properties, performance capabilities and user benefits to this problem. This conference promises to be the year's most informative conference on the subject."

Moisture 2009 will offer the industry an opportunity to collaborate, build and enhance strategic partnerships and alliances while broadening the traditional scope of this growing materials-based industry. A forum to discuss industry developments through the sharing of ideas and strategic networking, the following major sessions are planned:
  • State of the Industry
  • Issues affecting the building materials industry with regard to moisture and weatherization systems in terms of changing code requirements in the area of building science
  • Moisture Management Solutions - Raw Materials/Additives
  • Advances in moisture barrier and mold prevention products and materials
  • Implications on polymer additives, specialty chemicals and other functional materials
  • Mold Prevention Solutions - Systems/Products
  • Moisture control material systems and construction techniques
  • Changing design requirements in residential and commercial construction

A call for papers has been issued for presentations on any of the aforementioned themes. The deadline for offering a paper is November 15, 2008.

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Principia Conferences is a part of Principia Partners, a leading boutique strategy consulting firm that serves the broad building products and construction materials industry as well as other materials-related industries.

Source: Principia Partners

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