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New Intertronics-Dymax White Paper Unravels the Myths and Realities Of Adhesive Curing With LED

Published on 2010-08-17. Author : SpecialChem

LED-powered curing systems

The adhesives specialists at Intertronics have been involved for a long time in the development of LED-powered curing systems, which are continuing to evolve towards the replacement of the conventional lamp-style curing systems that have been the industry standard for more than twenty-five years. This growth in popularity of LED curing equipment is driven by promises of lower operating costs and "green" benefits. Experts are predicting LED curing systems will evolve over time to dominate the light-curable adhesive field - a prediction with which Intertronics M.D. Peter Swanson agree and explains: "The much reduced life cycle costs and greatly enhanced process controllability of LED cure systems represent such major advances over arc-light technology that it seems certain LEDs will continue to replace these arc based processes."

However, throughout the evolution of LED curing systems, inaccurate information has led to performance shortfalls in the marketplace and has sometimes cost early adopters both time and money. These misapplications of LED technology have spawned misinformation and an apprehension to embrace the technology. A newly authored white paper available from Intertronics by technology partner DYMAX called "LED Curing of Light-Curable Materials - Unraveling the Myths and Realities" reviews common misconceptions and realities about LED curing technology. The white paper discusses the key technical variables that must be considered to properly evaluate and incorporate LED technology into a manufacturing process.

Source: Intertronics

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