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New PE adhesive resin unveiled for pipe coatings industry

Published on 2008-10-13. Author : SpecialChem

LyondellBasell Industries has unveiled a new polyethylene adhesive resin, Lucalen G3710E to address customer needs in the rapidly-expanding pipe coatings industry. The new resin is used as an adhesive layer in three-layer coating applications between fusion bonded epoxy resins and an HDPE top coat material. Lucalen G3710E resin features improved coating properties such as better adhesion and excellent peel strength. The new adhesive resins are expected to meet the operational, handling and installation needs of pipe manufacturers. The new Lucalen G3710E resin demonstrates very good processability of stable film extrusion and good melt strength, according to a pipe coating company. In addition, Lucalen G3710E resins provide good adhesion at temperatures of 23°C and 80°C, with good cohesive peeling on rough surfaces during industrial coating production. Lucalen G3710E resins are compatible with approved epoxy resins and are believed to perform very well in comparison to other competitive grafted adhesive PE resins.

LyondellBasell's introduction of this enhanced adhesive resin fortifies the company's established position of a full-systems' supplier of polyolefins used in pipe coating. Other than Lucalen G3710E, company's pipe coating portfolio includes also Lupolen 4552D SW00413 HDPE top coat material and PP-based coating products which are appropriate for anti-corrosion coating, mechanical protection and thermal insulation on oil, gas and water transportation pipelines.

Source: LyondellBasell

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