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New polyurethane adhesives from Huntsman take the stress out of continuous panel lamination

Published on 2007-10-25. Author : SpecialChem

Huntsman Polyurethanes has introduced a range of panel laminating polyurethane adhesives for the Russian market at Khimia 2007. Designed specifically to improve the intrinsic strength of sandwich panels used in the building and construction industry, the adhesives can be employed on most continuous panel laminating machines.

Production processes used to create construction panels are relatively low-cost. However, the initial investment required to buy the necessary manufacturing equipment can be high. To overcome this, many producers now use continuous panel lamination systems. These modern pieces of equipment can offer a much quicker return on investment helping to meet higher efficiency targets, optimise production and increase overall manufacturing speeds.

The high performance adhesive systems in Huntsman Polyurethanes range are compatible with all major continuous panel laminating machines. Based on Suprasec® diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) and Daltofoam formulated polyol blends, they are ideal for bonding materials typically employed in this sector of industry, including steel, aluminium or foil stressed skin materials, polyurethane or polystyrene foam, mineral wool or similar insulating cores.

When employed correctly, the adhesives can improve the performance of the resulting sandwich panels when it comes to load bearing, improving their overall capacity for absorbing the stresses associated with structural weight. In addition the final sandwich panels benefit from greater thermal adaptability enabling them to be used in a far wider range of construction applications. The adhesives can also help achieve faster green strength build-up, greater flexibility and higher bonding strength.

Milan Spasic, Market Development Manager CIS said; "The technologies used to create sandwich panels are constantly evolving to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Our research and development teams watch this area of the market closely and have created a range of next generation polyurethane adhesive systems, closely aligned to the needs of companies in this field. We are confident that our systems can increase production output and improve manufacturing processes and the quality of the finished product and we look forward to seeing them employed across Russia and Eastern Europe."

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Source: Huntsman

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