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New Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive From Rohm and Haas Adds Flexibility to Textile Laminating

Published on 2004-05-04. Author : SpecialChem


New Mor-Melt® R-7001E from Rohm and Haas Company is a moisture-curing polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive that provides outstanding flexibility to textile laminators.

Unlike most other reactive hot melt adhesives, Mor-Melt R-7001E has exceptional flexibility and a soft hand, resulting in soft, touchable fabrics that drape beautifully. Its resistance to high temperature, moisture, and solvents translates into excellent resistance to washing and dry cleaning. Mor-Melt R-7001E even retains its tensile strength in autoclave or sterilization environments, an important requirement for manufacturers of medical laminates. The unique properties of Mor-Melt R-7001E make it suitable for other applications as well, such as outerwear, protective clothing, automotive upholstery and interior trim, and foam bonding.

Low Application Temperature Improves Quality, Reduces Cost

Mor-Melt R-7001E is typically applied at temperatures of 100-120°C, providing significant advantages to textile laminators working with heat-sensitive substrates such as thin, breathable membranes. Puckering, shrinkage, or destruction of delicate substrates is virtually eliminated. Furthermore, laminating at low temperatures results in reduced energy consumption and enhanced worker safety. Mor-Melt R-7001E is composed of 100 percent solids, so there are no solvents or water to dry out, recover, or burn.

High initial bond strength development – reminiscent of pressure-sensitive adhesives - allows faster line speeds and reduces production costs. Long open time prevents material loss during machine stoppages. Mor-Melt R-7001E gives high bond strengths to a variety of substrates, including treated polyethylene and polypropylene, making it the only adhesive needed by many laminators.

Application methods include roll coating, gravure, screen, slot die, and spray.

Rohm and Haas Company is a leading manufacturer of innovative adhesives for flexible laminations and basic in the raw materials used to produce reactive hot melt adhesives. Their laboratory reactive hot melt application equipment and textile testing facilities are at the disposal of customers for initial product evaluations.

About Rohm and Haas Company

Rohm and Haas is a worldwide producer of specialty materials, with more than 100 plants and research facilities in 27 countries and company sales of approximately $6.4 billion in 2003. Its chemistry is found today in paint and coatings, adhesives and sealants, construction materials, personal computers and electronic components, household cleaning products, as well as thousands of other everyday products.

The Rohm and Haas Adhesives and Sealants business, with annual sales of $632 million, is a world-class supplier of formulated adhesives, coatings, and polymers for adhesives and sealants. It serves the Packaging, Converting, Transportation, Structural, Construction, and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives industries.

Source: Rohm and Haas Company

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