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New Sensitac® LDM 7257 Introduced to Meet Increasing Demand for Water-based, High Performance Adhesives for Film Print Lamination

Published on 2004-09-15. Author : SpecialChem

Kronberg, Germany - (CZZ: FSE): Recognizing the increase in demand for Film Print lamination within the graphic arts and paper/converting industries, Celanese Emulsions is introducing Sensitac® LDM 7257, a plasticizer-free aqueous dispersion that helps customers meet fashion trends and technical requirements, while adding value to final products.

A Responsible Product for the Environmental Requirements of Today and Tomorrow

Increasing limitations on the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and the restrictions on the use of raw materials containing Alkyl-Phenol-EthOxylated (APEO) derivatives have prompted significant growth in water-based adhesives.

Sensitac® LDM 7257 is a plasticizer-free aqueous dispersion, based on acrylic and methacrylic esters, suitable as a raw material for formulating final adhesives for continuous, dry film-laminating machinery. Sensitac® LDM 7257 is an APEO-free acrylic dispersion that meets FDA Regulation 175.105.

Improved Customer Processing Results in Lower Application Costs

Because of its high machinability and constant behavior, Sensitac® LDM 7257 allows easy control by operators of machinery, allowing for regulation of quantities easily. The high initial strength of the product permits increasing the line speed and reducing the amount of product spread in the glue line, delivering savings to the final user.

The dispersion film exhibits a good adhesion behavior towards various plastic sheets (including treated PP) and print carriers in laminating processes and metalized films. Sensitac® LDM 7257 brings high embossing resistance to the laminates even at short time after the lamination.

It shows lower blocking than the most existing products and prevents undesirable bondings of final laminated goods when stocked (and during lamination). In addition, Sensitac® LDM 7257 exhibits excellent optical properties (e.g., glossy, transparency) to final laminations.

Customer-focused Product Support Available

Sensitac® LDM 7257 can bring significant advantages to customers in their processes today to help them meet the ever-changing needs of their applications. Celanese Emulsions is able to support customers through Technical Services in relation to formulations based on this technology. Ready to use products are available upon request.

Celanese Emulsions is a leading company in polymerization technology, producing polymer emulsions and emulsion powders. Products include conventional water-based emulsions, high-pressure vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) emulsions and powders made from the emulsions for use in paints, adhesives, construction applications, industrial coatings, paper and non-woven textile applications.

Celanese Emulsions products are sold in Europe under the Mowilith®, Sensitac® and Mowilith® Powder brand, and outside of Europe under the Celvolit® and Celvolit® Powder brand.

Celanese AG is a global chemicals company with leading positions in its key products and world class process technology. The Celanese portfolio consists of four main businesses: Chemical Products, Acetate Products, Technical Polymers Ticona and Performance Products. The Performance Products business consists of Nutrinova sweeteners and food ingredients. Celanese generated sales of around € 4.1 billion in 2003 and has about 9,500 employees. The company has 24 production plants and six research centers in 10 countries mainly in North America, Europe and Asia.

Source: Celanese

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