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Nordson announces partnership with Henkel and Aztek

Published on 2003-08-28. Author : SpecialChem


Henkel Adhesives, Nordson Corp. and Aztek Specialty Products have announced a partnership to support low-pressure injection molding worldwide. Henkel will supply the polyamide resins while Nordson provides the resin dispensing equipment and Aztek handles application development and integration.

Low-pressure injection molding utilizes polyamide hot melt resins for low-pressure filling of molds. Henkel and Nordson will support Aztek in developing and servicing the low-pressure injection molding market.

"Supporting a single entity dedicated to providing application development, prototyping, mold design and contract molding demonstrates Henkel and Nordson's confidence in - and commitment to - the low-pressure injection molding market," said George Porter, Nordson manager, product assembly. "Customers will enjoy the benefit of being served by Aztek, a knowledgeable and experienced vendor to this fast growing market."

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