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Novacel’s 4226REN guarantees safer, faster laser cutting

Published on 2010-06-18. Author : SpecialChem

4226REN reduces laser-cutting time and will maintain surface integrity while parts are being cut and in other operations where parts are subjected to bending, backing, stamping or forming.

Novacel 4226REN is a white-on-white film, with six month outdoor resistance. The film is made of a 3.9 mil, UV resistant, LDPE (low-density polyethylene). The product uses a highly specialized, rubber-based adhesive providing 12.8 ounces/inch adhesion (AFERA 4001 test method). The 4226REN product is available in lengths of 3281 feet or 1641 feet. As a new addition to Novacel's product range, 4226REN joins 4224CBX - our black/ white product (also designed specifically for laser cutting) that has earned a reputation for exceptional performance.

Novacel 4226REN permits protected sheet metal to be laser cut in a single run. There is no peel back and no formation of air bubbles during laser-cutting operations. Additionally, no black marks are left on stainless steel after laser cutting. The film can be removed in one piece without blocking or tearing. Novacel 4226REN features a unique print: The print shows the potential for single-run, metal laser cutting and the brushing or polishing direction. The film's specific pattern permits automated sheet-metal handling (with the surface protection applied) and prevents multiple sheet feeding due to suction between the sheets. The film acts as a protective barrier (preventing scratches or other damage) through all converting processes (folding, stamping and profiling) and during handling, transport and fitting.

4226REN is completely free of raw materials which could result in the release of gasses that may be hazardous to machine operators or equipment during laser-cutting. As with the entire Novacel range, 4226REN is fully recyclable. Samples and data sheets of 4226REN and 4224CBX are available upon request.

Source: Novacel

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