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NuSil Technology Introduces a Lightweight, Ultra Low Outgassing Adhesive

Published on 2010-04-13. Author : SpecialChem

Carpinteria, California -- NuSil Technology, a cutting-edge manufacturer of silicone-based materials for aerospace, aircraft, electronics and photonics industries, recently added SCV-2586 to its line of Ultra Low Outgassing™ silicone materials. SCV-2586 is a lightweight adhesive for applications requiring thermal stability and a broad operating temperature range in which volatile condensables and outgassing are a concern.

SCV-2586 can be used as a bonding, sealing or potting material in space and electronic applications. It provides radiation resistance, low thermal conductivity, oxidation stability, thermal stability and good ablative characteristics. This elastomer far surpasses industry-standard ASTM E595, with a Total Mass Loss (TML) of <0.10% and <0.01% Collected Volatile Condensable Material (CVCM). With a specific gravity of 0.74, this lightweight material is excellent for flight applications in which weight is a concern and it features high adhesion with a primed lap shear strength of 175 psi.

"SCV-2586 is an excellent fit for solar cell boding to solar array panels in space applications or even terrestrial laser and photonic applications," said Bill Riegler, product director - engineering materials at NuSil Technology, "It is especially beneficial when these types of applications require Ultra Low Outgassing™ and minimal volatile condensables under extreme operating conditions."

With a work time of four hours, SCV-2586 offers the convenience of an extended work time, allowing materials to be processed over large surface areas. SCV-2586 is an addition-cure silicone that does not require moisture to cure and has minimal shrinkage and no by-products. Cure time can also be accelerated with heat.

About NuSil Technology

NuSil is a cutting-edge manufacturer of silicone compounds for healthcare, aerospace, electronics, photonics and other applications that require precise, predictable, costeffective materials performance. ISO-9001-certified since 1994, NuSil operates state-ofthe- art laboratories and processing facilities in North America and Europe

Source: NuSil Technology

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