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NuSil Technology Unveils Line of Specialty Chemistry Materials

Published on 2005-03-28. Author : SpecialChem

Carpinteria, California -- NuSil Technology a cutting-edge manufacturer of silicone-based materials for healthcare, aerospace, electronics and photonics has introduced of a family of specialty chemistry materials ideal for use in a variety of applications. This new line includes functional polymers, cyclics, catalysts, crosslinkers, as well as some silanes.

NuSil's production facility in Bakersfield, California, provides raw materials to its Carpinteria, California, facility for use in the formulation of fluids, gels, elastomers, adhesives and resins. With this new offering, these same raw materials are now available in small and large volume to other customers.

"We utilize these materials in the formulation and production of our siloxane based products for use in a wide range of applications, ranging from healthcare to aerospace," said Dick Compton, NuSil co-founder and CEO. "We have expanded our product line to make these materials available to companies that use silicones for their formulations, including silicone material producers" The initial line focuses on trifluoropropyl and diphenyl silicones, with functional groups such as vinyl and hydride also available. In addition, NuSil Technology will customize these specialty silicone chemistries based on specific applications, if needed.

About NuSil Technology

NuSil is a cutting -edge manufacturer of silicone compounds for healthcare, aerospace, electronics, photonics and other applications that require precise, predictable, cost-effective materials performance. ISO-9001-certified since 1994, NuSil operates state-of-the-art laboratories and processing facilities in North America and Europe and provides on-site, in-person application engineering support worldwide.

Source: NuSil Technology

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