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OAS Launches UV-curable Adhesion Promotion System

Published on 2017-04-11. Author : SpecialChem

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS), a specialist surface modification and advanced materials company, has launched a revolutionary new adhesion promotion surface treatment that can be cured using UV light.

UV-curable adhesion promotion system

No Harmful Aromatic Hydrocarbons

OAS has gained a reputation for developing a range of versatile and reliable Onto™ surface preparation treatments that improve the adhesion of epoxy and polyurethane coatings to difficult-to-bond substrates.

While using heat is a common and effective way of curing its surface treatment solutions, the Begbroke Science Park-based company has acknowledged that some material applications cannot be cured in this way.

This can be for a number of reasons, such as some customers not having the equipment to heat their component up to 110°C, or that the material has a glass transition temperature that is too close to the curing temperature.

Therefore, OAS embarked on a lengthy product development program to create a new Onto™ solution that can be cured either using a drying step, followed by UV light treatment, or by using a traditional heating method, if necessary.

OAS Technical Manager, Jon-Paul Griffiths, explained:
“As the demand for lighter and higher performing materials increases across various applications, so does the need for creative products that make them easier to process and able to perform to a high standard. We have used our surface chemistry expertise to develop the first solution of its type that can be completely cured using only UV light after a drying step. This will give customers more flexibility during the materials processing stage and will also increase the scope of the materials that can be surface treated for painting or lacquering.”

Benefits of New Product

  • As with all the surface treatment solutions in the OAS range, the new UV-curable product removes the need for sanding, abrasion and plasma treatmentscan modify a wide range of substrates with a single product (CFRP and polyamide)
  • It works with virtually all epoxy and polyurethane-based coatings
  • It is a simple wet chemistry sprayable system that contains no harmful aromatic hydrocarbons, and is clean and dust free.

OAS Chief Executive Officer, Philip Spinks, said:
“Our brand-new, UV-curable system is suitable for use in a wide range of industries from automotive and aerospace, through to sports and leisure.The product has successfully come through a period of stringent testing and, because it can be applied to the substrate both quickly and easily using a spray gun, we expect there to be considerable interest from customers who are facing adhesion and coating challenges and therefore searching for a solution that is effective, scalable and easy to process.”

About Oxford Advanced Surfaces

Oxford Advanced Surfaces has over 70 years of experience and over 30 patents in this field since its commercialization out of the University of Oxford.

As timescales in manufacturing are often critical to business Oxford Advanced Surfaces endeavors to make the time between initial enquiry and supplying a solution as quick as possible. It will discuss the challenge including the evaluation and testing procedures to be sure that it is supplying the most appropriate available solution. It provides you with an Evaluation Pack from our library of Onto™ products for trial.

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Source: Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS)
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