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Territory Expansion for Distribution of Functional Polyolefins - Palmer Holland & Arkema

Published on 2017-07-18. Author : SpecialChem

Cleveland, OH -- Palmer Holland has been awarded national coverage for Canada by Arkema Functional Polyolefins. The agreement bolts Canada onto Palmer Holland’s current territory of the entire United States.

Territory Expansion for Distribution of Functional Polyolefins
Territory Expansion for Distribution of Functional Polyolefins
The territory expansion features Arkema’s lines of Lotader®, Lotryl®, Evatane®, and Orevac®. Arkema Functional Polyolefins are used in a variety of applications including packaging, hot melt adhesives, construction, plastic compounds, automotive, and energy.

Arkema Specialty Polyolefins

With five brands sold globally, Arkema offers the widest range of reactive and non-reactive specialty polyolefins:

  • Evatane® ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers (18-42% VA) 
  • Lotryl® ethylene acrylate copolymers 
  • Evasin* EVOH ethylene vinyl alcohol 
  • Lotader® reactive polyolefins (up to 8% reactive group) 
  • Orevac® T reactive EVA copolymers 
  • Orevac® G grafted polyolefi ns (PE,PP, EVA)

Arkema Specialty Polyolefi ns are used in applications as diverse as:


  • Tie layer for multilayers barrier films
  • and extrusion lamination
  • Oxygen barrier layer
  • Sealing and Seal/Peel resins

Hot melt adhesives

  • EVA binder
  • High stability hot melt
  • Deep freeze hot melt adhesives


  • Additives for bitumen rutting resistance
  • Adhesive for pipe coating
  • Aluminum panels

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Source: Palmer Holland
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